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  • Includes bowl, beater, dough hook, and wire whip
  • 1/2 hp with electric speed controls
  • Equipped with a bowl guard for safety
  • Trusted 15 minute timer with front mounted touch pad controls
  • Includes a six foot cord and ground plug for convenient operation
UPC Code: 669452720005

This Globe SP20 20 qt. commercial stand mixer will power through any batch of ingredients!

The Globe SP20 20 qt. commercial stand mixer combines mixing power with a compact footprint. Perfect for batters, mashed potatoes, and the occasional pizza dough, this mixer will give you consistent results every time. The durable cast-iron construction ensures years of use, while the heat treated gears provide quiet operation. An ergonomic hand lever raises and lowers the bowl with ease, while an interlock system shuts down the mixer when the bowl is lowered for added safety.

  • NSF Listed

    NSF Listed

    This item meets the standards imposed by NSF International, which focuses on public safety, health, and the environment.

  • ETL US & Canada

    ETL US & Canada

    This item meets the electrical product safety standards imposed by the ETL, a division of the Intertek Group, for use in the United States and Canada.

  • 5-15P


    This unit comes with a NEMA 5-15P plug.

1/2 HP Motor

Featuring a 1/2 hp, gear driven motor with three speeds, this mixer will stand up to your establishment's most demanding jobs! The transmission is made of heat treated, hardened alloy gears that provide high torque mixing power and quiet operation.

Digital Controls

The sleek digital controls with LED display are easy to clean, while a digital timer provides excellent accuracy and restarts when the mixer is turned off/on. For convenience, the control panel is located on the front of the unit and not on the side, like many other commercial mixers.

#12 Hub

A #12 hub allows you to use additional attachments with your Globe SP20 stand mixer.

Attachments Included

Use the included wire whip, beater, and dough hook to create your signature recipes!

Bowl Guard

The bowl guard features an ingredient chute so you can safely add ingredients while mixing.

Customer Q&A Ask a Question

Does free shipping apply if this item is shipped to a residential home?
This item is only eligible for free shipping to business or commercial addresses. Please contact our Customer Solutions team prior to placing your order if you have any questions!
Can I use this standard-duty mixer to make pizza dough?
This standard-duty mixer can be used to make the occasional small batch of pizza dough, however, it should function on low speed to prevent burning out the motor. For larger, more frequent batches of pizza dough, check out our selection of heavy-duty mixers!

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This particular mixer is our SP20 20 qt. mixer. All of our mixers are gear driven, not belt driven. It delivers more energy from the motor to the planetary, which is what you want. With our mixers, we have several interlocks. The first is, the bowl has to be in the upward position for the mixer to run. The second interlock is with the bowl guard itself; the bowl guard has to be on and it has to be in the closed position to be able to turn the machine on. As with all of our mixers, the controls are mounted onto the front, not on the side of the mixer. The advantages to this are, with the digital timers, customers can see the remaining time on the timer from across the room. It makes them more efficient as their doing their different kitchen duties. Also, because we have a membrane keypad, it's a very flat panel. Therefore, it's a very sanitary, easy-to-clean part of the mixer. The bowl guard is also easily removed. It separates and comes apart so you can take this to the sink for easy cleaning. One of the nice features is that we do have an ingredient shoot that is permanently welded onto the bowl guard. It will not get lost; it will not get thrown away or broken like the ones that are clipped or snapped into place. We also have spring-loaded bowl clamps, not just very simple clamps. Because these are spring-loaded, once they're locked into place, there is no give at all with the bowl. Therefore, when you're mixing heavy products like dough, it will not shake or rattle. All of our mixers also have rubber feet on the bottom. This accomplishes two things: it keeps the mixer from moving around as it's mixing heavy products, and it also protects nice floors from scratches. With all of our mixers, we have three tools. Since it's 3-speed machine, you get a batter beater, a wire whip, and a spiral dough hook. We also have a #12 attachment hub, and there are two different accessories that we sell for that hub. We sell the main housing that can hold either a grater plate or shredder plate, and we have various sizes for that, or you can also get it with an adjustable slicing plate, which allows you to shred cheese and lettuce or slice tomatoes and onions. The other item that we have is the small grinder, which allows you to grind sausage, hamburger, or something similar to that. Like all Globe mixers, it comes with a full two-year warranty, not just one year. For information on this or any Globe product, please visit www.Globefoodequip.com.

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Operating instructions. Bowl guards are standard on all 10 through 80 quart Globe mixers. Before removing or attaching the bowl guard, make sure the bowl is in the down or lowered position and the agitator tool is not on the shaft. Line up the ring catch on the left of the mixer. Lift the guard gently into place and rotate the guard's lower handle counter-clockwise until the unit snaps back into place with the upper part of the handle. To remove the bowl guard, push the lower part of the separated handle out clockwise, dividing the handle and releasing the guard from the rotation ring. Install the bowl before attaching the agitator. Lower the bowl cradle by pulling the bowl lift lever forward and down to its resting position. For models SP40 and SP60, rotate the bowl lift wheel counter-clockwise until it stops. For the SP62P and SP80PL, press the down arrow to lower the bowl until it stops. Note, if you have a three-phase mixer and the bowl does not lower while pushing the down arrow, check to make sure the outlet is wired properly. Lift the bowl by the handles and slowly position the locking pin into the hole in the middle rear of the cradle. Then, lower the bowl onto the pins located on either side of bowl cradle. Once the bowl is positioned on the cradle, secure the bowl by pulling each bowl clamp forward until the bowl is locked into position. Note, it is easier to install the agitator before adding the ingredients into the bowl. Rotate the bowl guard to the left so it rests in the open position. The shaft pin and the slot in the agitator must be in line. Slide the agitator slowly upward onto the planetary shaft, fitting the shaft pin through the slot on the agitator. Rotate the agitator clockwise to secure it onto the planetary shaft. Overloading or not following the capacity chart will damage the mixer and void the warranty. Refer to the capacity chart section of the user manual before operation. Agitators must always rotate in a counter-clockwise direction around the bowl. Planetary heads rotate clockwise. Make sure the speed control lever is on the first speed. Add the appropriate mixing ingredients into the bowl. Rotate the bowl lift lever up until the bowl lift lever locks into position. On the SP40 and SP60, rotate the bowl lift wheel clockwise until the bowl is all the way up into position. For the SP62P and SP80PL, press the arrow until the bowl is up into position. Rotate the bowl guard to the right until it locks into the closed position. You will hear it click into place. The mixer will not start until the bowl guard is open or the bowl is not completely in the raised position. Before starting the mixer, always change to the desired speed. Failure to do so can damage the gears or other parts and will void the warranty. Select the appropriate speed setting by lifting or lowering the speed control lever. Press the green start button to begin mixing. To change speeds while mixing, press the red stop button. Then, wait for the agitator to come to a complete stop. Change the speed by raising or lowering the speed control lever. The SP62P and SP80PL will automatically shut off if the speed is changed while the mixer is in operation. The mixer is equipped with motor overload protection. If the mixer shuts off during operation, reduce the batch size. For the SP25 and smaller models, press the stop button and then press the overload reset button located on the back of the mixer. On the larger models, wait two minutes and then press the start button on the control panel. When the ingredients have been thoroughly mixed, press the red stop button to stop the mixer. If the timer was used, the mixer will automatically stop when time has expired. Lower the bowl by pulling the bowl lift lever forward and down to its resting position. For models SP40 and SP60, rotate the bowl lift wheel counter-clockwise until it stops. For models SP62P and SP80PL, press the down arrow, the blue button, until the bowl stops. Rotate the bowl guard to the left so it is in the open position. Remove the agitator from the planetary shaft by lifting it upward, then rotating it counter-clockwise until its unlocked. Lower the agitator and remove from the planetary shaft. Push each bowl clamp backwards to unlock the bowl from the bowl cradle. Lift up slightly on the bowl so it clears the pins on the bowl cradle. Note, if using a bowl truck, release the locks before lowering the bowl. The bowl truck should be positioned under the bowl. Lower the cradle, bowl completely and the bowl will release onto the bowl truck. Your mixer is equipped with a digital timer display, minutes and seconds buttons to adjust the timed operations, and start and stop buttons. The mixer can function in either timed operation or untimed operation. The display should read 00:00 to operate in the untimed mode. Press the start button to begin mixing. the display will scroll zeros across the display from left to right while mixing. Press the stop button once the desired mixing is complete. The timer on the mixer can be set from five seconds to 60 minutes. Set the desired time. Minutes advance by one and seconds advance by fives before rolling over to zero. Press and continuously hold the up arrow buttons to the desired minutes and seconds. Press and continuously hold, the button scrolls the number cycles quickly. Once the desired time is set, check that the bowl guard and bowl lift are closed and locked into position and then press start. Wait for the time cycle to end or press stop to pause the mixing cycle. Pressing the stop button once stops the mixer and pauses the timer during operation. Pressing the stop button once while the mixer is not in operation will reset the timer to the last programmed set time. Double clicking the stop button twice within one second while the mixer is not in operation will reset the timer back to zero. Pressing stop button twice within one second to reset the timer back to zero is a feature only available for models SP10 through SP60. If a cycle is interrupted by the bowl guard being opened or by lowering the bowl lift lever, the mixer will stop. After the bowl guard and bowl lift are closed and locked into position, the start button can be pressed to continue the programmed time. To add additional minutes or seconds to a mix time, stop the mixer and adjust the cycle mixing time. Once a time cycle ends, the mixer will beep for five seconds and the digital display will flash for two minutes if not reset, indicating the time cycle is complete.

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Optional accessories. Never put your hand into the feed chute when using a mixer attachment. Only operate the attachment hub in manual mode. Do not attempt to mix ingredients in the bowl while using the hub. To operate the attachment hub, one, the mixer must be off before installing the attachment. Two, loosen and remove the attachment hub thumb screw. Three, remove the plastic cover from the attachment hub. Four, lubricate the attachment shaft with a food-quality grease or mineral oil. Five, attach the grater slicing housing or grinder housing. Make sure to line up the alignment pin with the hub hole. Six, securely tighten the thumb screw back into the hub. Note there will be a gap between the attachment and the hub. Seven, select the appropriate speed setting by lifting or lowering the speed control lever. Eight, use the untimed operation or manual operation. Nine, press the green start button located on the control panel.

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Cleaning instructions. Always disconnect or unplug the electrical power from the mixer before cleaning. Dilute detergent per supplier's instruction. Do not hose down or pressure wash the mixer. Never use a scrubber pad, steel wool, or abrasive material to clean the mixer. Never use bleach, sodium hypo chlorite, or bleach-based cleaner. Always remove the agitator after each batch as the agitator can become stuck on the shaft and become difficult to remove. The entire mixer, including removable parts, must be thoroughly cleaned and sanititzed using the procedures identified by your local health department and the ServSafe essentials published by the Natural Restaurant Association Education Foundation (NRAEF). Visit www.ServSafe.com for more details. It is extremely important to sanitize the mixer and to follow the instructions on the quaternary sanitizer container to make sure proper sanitation is achieved. A capacity chart for Globe mixers can be found on page 17 of the instructional manual and is also available online at GlobeFoodEquip.com. This concludes the Globe training session for the Globe mixers. Detailed instructions for the items reviewed in this video can be found in the owners manual. Globe truly appreciates your business and we're confident that your new mixer will provide you with years of reliable service.

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A commercial mixer is a critical part of many foodservice businesses, especially bakeries. That’s why we’ve laid out our commercial mixers according to the major factors that most impact their performance. The first consideration is the type of mixer that you want. Planetary mixers are the most common and versatile type. They mix ingredients together in batter or dough with whisks, beaters, or hooks, for high volume jobs. Spiral mixers are great for specializing in dough and with other mixtures that have a thick texture, making them great for bread and pretzel bakeries. Last, vertical cutter mixers can be used like a giant blender for everything from salad prep to dough preparation but it gives your baked goods a different consistency than dough prepared in other mixers. Each of these mixer types is also divided into standard, medium, and heavy duty applications. Standard duty mixers give you the power needed to create foods in smaller batches. Medium duty models are good for larger quantities of food and keep up with demand. And heavy duty units are the best in terms of strength, reliability, durability, and power for bakeries and pizzerias. Every commercial mixer also comes with a different transmission. Belt driven units use a simple strap system, similar to an engine belt, to turn the agitator inside the mixing bowl which makes them easier to maintain and repair. Direct drive mixers let you change speeds with the simple push of a button, and gear driven mixers utilize an intricate inner assembly of gears and cogs to prevent slips and stutters. Finally , variable speed mixers are made specifically to deliver torque and power for light duty use. Mixers are also available with different size bowls, from 5 – 220 quarts to accommodate the quantity of ingredients that you want to mix together. Depending on the size, you can use a smaller unit on the countertop or a work table, while a larger product is best used on the floor. You can also find commercial mixers with different speed options to operate quickly or slowly, and each commercial mixer comes with an internal motor that ranges from ½ to 7 hp. Best of all, you can easily find dozens of models that are NSF Certified so you can be sure the unit you buy is easy to clean and sanitize.

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Overall Dimensions:
  • Width: 18 1/4 Inches
  • Depth: 19 1/2 Inches
  • Height: 34 1/2 Inches
  • Capacity: 20 qt.

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Globe SP20

Warranty Info

Mixers shipped from the factory after 10/1/2016 will have a 2 year labor warranty; mixers shipped prior to that date will have a 1 year labor warranty.

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