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Durable and Affordable Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Globe food equipment is one of the foremost producers of affordable, reliable commercial kitchen equipment. Their extensive catalog of products covers almost everything a kitchen could need, making them a one-stop vendor for every kind of restaurant from specialties to chains and beyond. Read more

Globe creates products like panini grills, bulb warmers, and rice cookers that are as useful around your business as they are versatile. Globe also makes soup warmers, mixer tables, meat choppers, and even fryers to make sure you can find the proper equipment to keep your business running.

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Meat Slicers

Globe Meat Slicers

Globe meat slicers are built to withstand the constant use and rigors of a commercial kitchen. They're all designed for the best combination of easy use, strength, and reliability.

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Countertop Induction Ranges and Induction Cookers

Globe Countertop Induction Ranges and Induction Cookers

Globe countertop induction ranges and induction cookers give you outstanding utility and efficiency with the best cutting-edge technology.

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Electric Fryers

Globe Electric Fryers

Perfect for fast food establishments and diners, Globe electric fryers allow you to fry chicken tenders, french fries, fish, and more.

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Legal for Trade Scales

Globe Legal for Trade Scales

Globe legal for trade scales are designed for fast response times, clear display, and accurate calibration so you can sell your most popular food items with a simple weighing.

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