Cooking & Baking Oil

We carry a range of fryer oils and cooking oils perfect for everything from high-volume deep frying to sauteeing.

Fryer Oil

Prepare your menu items in fryer oil and cooking oil to add great flavor and an amazing golden brown crust.

Fryer Oil

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Funnel Cake Frying Oils

Easily create amazing funnel cakes for your restaurant or concession stand with high-quality funnel cake frying oils.

Shortening & Lard

Shortening and lard are great fats for frying a number of foods.

Finishing Oil

Enhance the flavor of your recipes by adding finishing oil to the final product.

Finishing Oil

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Popcorn Oils

Get the right results in your popcorn maker by using commercial popcorn oils for flavor and texture.

Popcorn Oils

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Spray Releases & Seasonings

The secret to preventing your baked goods from sticking is to use spray release and seasonings.

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Use bulk cooking oil and spray to grease fry pans, baking dishes, and any other container for foods. The non-stick coating these cooking sprays create will prevent your baked goods from tearing as you remove them from the pan. Our selection of oil is also great for deep frying all types of foods, and we feature many oil flavors to suit your cooking needs. To increase the life of your fryer oil, check out our oil stabilizers and filter powders. Our pan liners will enhance the non-stick surfaces on your pans, too. See our commercial fryers and deep fat fryer cleaner for other options.

Bulk Cooking Oil and Sprays Are Great for Baking and Frying Foods

We offer many types of cooking sprays that are ideal for greasing baking pans, fry pans, and even sheet pans. These sprays create a non-stick coating on metal surfaces, so you can easily remove baked goods or frying foods from their trays without them sticking. Some of our cooking sprays are even flavored with seasoning or a butter-like taste to enhance your recipe's flavor.

Use our bulk cooking oil for stir-fry recipes and dishes prepared on your stovetop. You can also add it to baked goods to enhance the flavor and moisture of your end product. Bulk cooking oil is great for deep frying chicken, vegetables, and much more, and we offer oils in different flavors including soybean, peanut, olive, and canola oil. Our fryer oil stabilizer and filter powder will keep your oil clean for longer, too, with proper fryer oil filtering and maintenance.