Chemicals and Sealants

Our selection of chemicals and sealants includes finishes, floor strippers, and sealers.


Shop from our selection of applicators to ensure your floors are thoroughly cleaned.


We offer a large selection of dusters, making it easy to keep your facility tidy.


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Commercial Floor Scrubbers and Cleaning Machines

Maintain the condition of your floors with our selection of commercial floor scrubbers and cleaning machines.

Mop Kits

Our mop kits make it easy to eliminate dust, dirt, and other materials on your floors.

Mop Kits

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Mop Handles, Frames, and Accessories

Upgrade and maintain your existing mops with our large selection of mop handles, frames, and accessories.

Mixing Tools

Our mixing tools allow you to conveniently mix cleaning solutions for your floors.

Safety Supplies

Invest in safety supplies to make sure your staff is protected as they clean.

Floor finishers and applicators are an economical and time-saving alternative to conventional finishing methods and the trouble that often accompanies them. These items are perfect for floors in offices, gyms, schools, and healthcare facilities and will quickly and efficiently apply wax or trap dirt. We also offer fabric or velour replacement pads to meet all of your cleaning needs. For related products, check out our housekeeping carts, janitor caddies, and floor care chemicals.

Keep Your Hard Floors Looking Like New with Floor Finishers and Applicators

A floor finish applicator is designed to keep your hard floors looking like new. These applicators will help you quickly and easily apply floor finishers, sealers, and restorers in your bar, restaurant, banquet hall, buffet, cafeteria, or hotel. These lightweight finishers are easy to use and transport, and their swiveling heads have no trouble getting into tight corners for easy maneuvering.

Many of these floor wax applicators are designed to be used with washable or disposable sleeves that trap and pick up dirt. We offer both applicators and cleaning sleeves, several of which can be washed many times to reduce replacement costs. You can also choose a larger floor wax applicator capable of applying water, finishes, sealers, urethanes, restorers, and disinfectants quickly and easily.