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Use a Beverage Dispenser to Hold and Serve Drinks at Events

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Use a Beverage Dispenser to Hold and Serve Drinks at Events

A beverage dispenser allows you to set up a self-serve drink station at your buffet, catered event, hotel lobby, or cafe. Our models are available in different shapes, sizes, and capacities, so you’re sure to find a drink dispenser for your low- or high-volume needs. You can also choose from dispensers of different material makeups, colors, and styles to complement your establishment’s decor.

Our selection of dispensers includes both insulated and non-insulated styles. An insulated beverage dispenser is fully insulated to keep hot contents warm and cold drinks chilled throughout events. Non-insulated styles are typically more visually-appealing, but are only suitable for cold drinks like iced tea, lemonade, water, and cocktails. No matter what type of dispenser you choose, it will come with an easy-to-use spigot that enables leak-free dispensing.

You’ll also find replacement parts and accessories to use with your drink dispenser. From faucets and gaskets to lids and risers, we have you covered. Accessory items like soup carriers and hand washing stations are also available to increase the functionality of your unit.

By setting out plastic drink dispensers in your hotel lobby, cafe, or catered event, customers will be able to easily pour themselves a drink at their own convenience. This will eliminate the need for wait staff to constantly refill drink orders, allowing them to pay more attention to meal delivery. Whether you’re looking for a single container style to serve one type of beverage, or you need a multi-container option so you can offer a variety of drinks, we have what you need. For other great supplies to set out at your drink station, check out our beverage glasses, beverage napkins, and straws.