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Our Dollies and Hand Trucks Make Transportation Easy

Dollies and hand trucks allow you to move goods in your warehouse with ease. These products help your employees move heavy and unwieldy boxes without straining their backs. Since they are completely manual, they also do not require additional certifications to operate.

There are many types of dollies and hand trucks with different purposes ranging from industrial to food transportation. Use a wheeled trash can or a trash can dolly to easily move industrial trash cans, or add a dish cart to your kitchen to transport dirty dishes. For caterers, we also offer food and beverage carriers to help move goods from the kitchen to the event. For more transportation aids, check out our plastic utility carts and sheet pan racks!

Whether you’re moving produce from the loading dock to the storage room, or you’re transporting sheet pans from the kitchen to another prep location, we have a commercial hand truck or dolly for you. You can even load these carts up with canned goods and bulk items to restock the shelves in your supermarket. No matter what style dolly you choose, you can rest assured your staff will experience a more efficient and safer work day. For other great transportation supplies, check out our dish racks, bus tubs, and drying racks.