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  • Non-stick coating on regulator plate for easier cleanup
  • Built in sharpener; large receiving tray with indent to catch juices
  • 13/16" maximum slice thickness
  • 11 1/8" x 7 5/8" cutting capacity
  • Anodized aluminum solid adjustment knob
  • 3" of clearance between back of blade and motor for easy cleaning
  • ETL and NSF Listed
UPC Code: 671080468150

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This Vollrath 40952 12" manual gravity feed slicer features a rugged design that makes it ideal for higher-volume operations.

Featuring a compact design that makes the most of your available work space, this slicer is great for slicing cheese and processed meat continuously throughout the day. It allows you to achieve precise and consistent slices while saving money by processing whole meats and cheeses yourself! Operation couldn't be any simpler thanks to a 35 degree gravity feed that maximizes productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort.

  • Imported from Italy

    Imported from Italy

    This item is imported from Italy.

  • 5-15P


    This unit comes with a NEMA 5-15P plug.

Built-In Sharpener

For convenient sharpening, this unit comes equipped with a built-in sharpening assembly. By keeping your slicer's blade sharp, you can ensure easier and faster slicing.

Exclusive Non-Stick Coating

The regulator plate is covered in a proprietary non-stick coating that reduces drag and ensures ease of cleaning.

13/16" Maximum Slice Thickness

The slice size of this model is adjustable up to 13/16" thick. This means you can slice thin vegetables and pepperoni or thick ham to top off signature pizzas or add to deli salads. To adjust the slice size, this unit has a solid aluminum adjustment knob for greater durability.

Removable Blade and Carriage

When it's time to clean up at the end of the day, the carriage from this unit can be easily removed so that you can access all of the components for thorough cleaning. Plus, this slicer comes with a removable blade and a safe blade removal tool so there is no need to worry about cleaning the blade in place.

Aluminum Body

The body of this slicer is made of durable anodized aluminum for durability, easy maintenance, and added safety.

1/2 hp Motor

This slicer has a heavy-duty 1/2 hp motor that is perfect for slicing continuously throughout the day. This slicer can even cut cheese along with deli meats or vegetables.

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Vollrath Electric Slicers: How to Operate

Chef Rich from Vollrath University demonstrates how to properly use your Vollrath electric slicer.

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Picking out the right commercial meat slicer for your business is an important choice. That’s why we’ve broken down the key factors to consider when shopping for the one that’s right for you. First, consider how frequently you plan to use your slicer. For light duty work, about an hour or less per day, an entry level slicer will work fine. The next step up is our mid-tier models, which offer more power and durability for several hours of use per day, at a price point affordable for most businesses. Finally, premium meat slicers are the best of the best, in terms of strength, durability, and consistency, giving you unmatched power that will stand up to constant daily use. Next, find whether you need an automatic or a manual slicer. Automatic units move product back and forth against a blade for safe and efficient high volume slicing. But for the average deli or sandwich shop, a manual meat slicer will do the trick. These units are probably what you’re most familiar with, requiring an operator to manually slide products across the blade for slicing. Other factors to consider when shopping for a meat slicer include blade size, horsepower, and ease of sanitation. We offer models with various blade sizes and power options, including many that are NSF listed. If you’re looking for more deli or butcher shop products, take a look at our selection of food paper wrap and deli take out containers.

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Welcome to Vollrath University. I'm chef Rich and we're in the Vollrath test kitchen today to demonstrate how to properly operate your electric slicer. Understanding how to operate your Vollrath electric slicer will help ensure safe, consistent, and quality performance. Be sure to read the operating manual for your slicer before use. The first step is to inspect the slicer to be sure it is properly assembled and in good working condition. Confirm that the carriage release knob is completely tight and the carriage tray is steady and slides smoothly. Next, load the slicer by first sliding the carriage tray to a start position. Lift the product grip and place the food onto the carriage tray making contact with the gauge plate. Then, place the product grip either on top or behind the food. Finally, use the index control knob to set the desired thickness and press the "on" button. To slice the food, use the carriage handle to push the carriage back and forth. When finished slicing, return the carriage to the start position and then turn the index control to the "zero" position, so the gauge plate closes and protects the blade edge. Then press and release the off button. If the slicer becomes overloaded, the reset switch will stop the slicer to protect the motor. If this happens, here's how to properly reset your slicer: First, press and release the "off" button and unplug the power cord. Remove the food that caused the overload and clean the slicer if necessary. Then, press and release the reset button located at the bottom of the slicer. Finally, plug the slicer back in and press the "on" button to resume slicing. Safe, effective slicing starts with the sound understanding of your slicer. To learn more about this or any other Vollrath product, visit us online at vollrath.com

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Welcome to Vollrath University. I'm chef Rich and we're in the Vollrath test kitchen today to demonstrate how to properly clean and sanitize your electric slicer. Cleaning your Vollrath electric slicer regularly ensures it will work correctly and efficiently. Please read and understand the cleaning section of the operation manual for your specific slicer to properly and safely clean your slicer. Before we start cleaning, there are a few general guidelines to follow to keep your slicer cleaning and functioning properly. Be sure to hand wash only and avoid abrasive materials and cleansers that may scratch. The first step is to make sure the slicer is off and unplugged. Next, make sure the index control knob is turned past zero as far as possible to the right and the gauge plate is closed. Unscrew the carriage release knob until it is very loose. Use the carriage handle to firmly pull the carriage tray forward until you hear a click and it has locked into place. For the loosen carriage release knob and then remove or tilt the food carriage for cleaning. Then remove any removable parts. This may vary depending on your model. Start the cleaning process by washing all removable parts in a clean basin filled with warm water and mild detergent. Then rinse the parts and let dry. To reduce the risk of injury, wear cut resistant gloves when cleaning around the blade of the slicer. Using a soft cloth, warm water, and mild detergent clean the remaining parts of the slicer. Clean the front and back sides of the blade starting at the center, wiping toward the edge. Then, on the backside side of the blade guard, carefully wipe the inside edge of the guard. Clean the gauge plate by starting at the edge next to the blade and wiping away from the blade. Next, clean the body and underside of the slicer as needed. Finally, rinse the non-removable parts with a soft cloth and warm water. Once the clean is complete, it's time to sanitize your slicer. First, make sure your sanitizer concentration is correct for the manufacturer's specifications and the type of sanitizer used complies with the FDA food code. Start the sanitation process by soaking all removable parts in correctly diluted sanitizing solution. Remove the parts and allow them to air dry. Then, using a soft clean cloth with correctly diluted sanitizing solution, wipe all surfaces to sanitize the main parts and body of the slicer. Lightly lubricate the gauge plate sides with the supplied oil or a food grade equivalent. Once the slicer has been cleaned and sanitized, reassemble the slicer. When reinstalling the food carriage, make sure to tighten the carriage release knob until it releases the food carriage from the locked position. Continue to tighten until the carriage is secure. Finally, inspect the slicer to verify that everything operates smoothly and it's in proper working condition. Quality slicing depends on consistent maintenance. To learn more about this or any other more Vollrath product, visit us online at vollrath.com

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Welcome to Vollrath University. I'm Chef Rich and today we're here to introduce to you this new line of Vollrath slicers. Okay, first of all, across the Vollrath line of slicers, you'll notice a few things. The nonstick coatings. We have nonstick coatings on both the gauge plate and on the cover of the blade. These are to aid in clean up and also to reduce drag when you're cutting fatty meats or cheeses. That's common across all of our products. A couple of safety features that are common. The hand guard. You'll notice that each one of these slicers has a hand guard. So, this is a nice feature to have when someone has the product tray forward and it prevents them from reaching over the top and accidentally touching the blade. Also, on the backside we have a thumb guard so even when it's in its most forward position, the blade is still fully protected on the backside. All units have a safety switch. The safety switch is designed to not allow the unit to restart when power has been interrupted. You must reset the switch, so that's a nice feature to have for safety. That's common across the line. All these units are belt driven units and they have a five year warranty on the belt, so no worries about the belt drive on these units. Excellent, excellent quality. They're all either a 25 or 35 degree angle and this is nice so that when you're slicing, you're more at an upright position. The 25 degree angle is most upright, 35 a little bit more, but still way better than a 45 degree angle where you're really leaning over and it's just not as comfortable for an operator. So, much more ergonomically designed. Okay, so the medium duty units, then. In the medium duty line, we have a 10" and 12" unit. Both of these are perfect for lower volume restaurants and delis for slicing meats. Both of these feature up to 1/2" slicing thickness. As I said, they're perfect for lower volume and this 10" unit is really, really nice for a catering operation to be able to take this on site and slice fresh meats on site. I mean, nothing beats fresh is best, right? Another feature of these units is both the product trays can be removed, so these can be taken off and taken to the pot and pan sink for easy cleaning. Okay, so now let's talk about the 2 heavy duty units. Both of these units are excellent for higher volume operations. They're both rated for continuous duty of both meats and cheeses and they're both up to a 1" thick slice thickness. So, the 12" unit, then. A couple of features here. The carriage is removable as we've mentioned, and also, it has a carriage lock feature so when we want to remove the carriage, we lock it in the fully back position. That also locks the gauge plate in place, so this cannot be opened and expose the edge of the blade, so a much safer blade system. Speaking of the blade, we do offer a blade removal tool as well with this unit to be able to safely and easily remove the blade. Okay, now let's talk about our true 13" deli unit. Okay, 13" blade, larger blade to handle larger pieces of meats and cheeses that you find in the deli. For those units, for those pieces of meat and cheese, we also have larger product trays. You can see here a large tray and also a larger pusher plate. The pusher plate on this unit is easily removed to take that to the pot and pan sink for easy cleaning. The carriage on this unit does open. It tilts open. It is not removable. To tilt to the open position, we push it fully back. It has a carriage locking feature. That's a nice feature to have because what it'll also do is the gauge plate here then will lock and not allow the blade to be exposed, again as a safety feature. Speaking of cleaning, the kickstand feature on this unit. We have a kickstand that you can pull up and the unit will lift so that allows for easy cleaning underneath the unit. Precision cuts, that's important in any deli and on this unit we have a dual stage cam system that allows for great precision for those thin deli cuts. The unit comes with a blade removal tool so we can easily take the blade off for easy cleaning and replacement. All these units then are designed and manufactured to the NSF-8 sanitation standard. For more information on any of these products or any others, please see us online at Vollrath.com.

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Overall Dimensions:
  • Width: 27 15/16 Inches
  • Depth: 22 9/16 Inches
  • Height: 22 9/16 Inches

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Vollrath 40952

Warranty Info

RESIDENTIAL USERS: Vendor assumes no liability for parts or labor coverage for component failure or other damages resulting from installation in non-commercial or residential applications. Your warranty will be voided if installed in non-commercial or residential applications.

Equivalent Items

Vollrath 40904 (Formerly)

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