Important Information about your Delivery!

Your order will be delivered curbside on a full size 18 wheeler.

You are responsible for:

  • Removing the shipment from the truck
  • Bringing it into your location
  • Noting damaged or missing items on the carrier's delivery receipt

If you do not make note of these issues in any way on the delivery receipt, we cannot guarantee any compensation for damaged or missing items. By signing your name on the delivery receipt without declaring these exceptions, you are stating that you have received your shipment in acceptable condition.

What is liftgate service?

A liftgate is a motorized platform attached to the back of the truck that will physically lower your order to the ground so that you can take it inside your business or home. The truck driver will place your order on the ground using the liftgate and you are responsible for bringing it inside.

If you do not have an elevated loading dock or forklift to unload your items from the truck, you will need a liftgate and must select this option at checkout. The "Common Carrier w/ Liftgate" option includes the fee for the liftgate but additional fees will apply if a liftgate must be added after checkout.

What is a Call Before Delivery?

Select this FREE service option at checkout for common carrier shipments and the carrier will contact you to schedule a delivery appointment within a four hour window. The service is required for Residential customers and we strongly recommend it for businesses, especially if your normal hours are not between 8 AM and 5 PM, Monday - Friday.

The Call Before Delivery will only apply to the items on your order that are shipping by Common Carrier and is not available for items that are shipping Ground.