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  • Belt driven; 115V
  • Anodized aluminum construction; Large, 35 degree angled food carriage
  • Slicing times: 4 hours of meat, 2 hours of cheese
  • Side of end weight has points to hold product longer than the chute length
  • Accommodates product up to 10 1/2" long; 9/16" maximum slice
UPC Code: 669452181202

The Globe G12 12" manual gravity feed slicer is a tremendous choice for operations that require moderate slicing.

An excellent mid tier addition to small sub shops and other medium volume operations, this slicer is specially designed to handle approximately 4 hours of cutting meat and 2 hours of cutting cheese per day. It can even be used to slice small amounts of cheese! Whether you need sliced product for sandwiches, appetizers, or even pizza, this unit's rugged construction combines with a powerful belt-driven 1/2 hp motor and 12" wide blade to quickly and consistently get the job done right.

  • NSF Listed

    NSF Listed

    This item meets the standards imposed by NSF International, which focuses on public safety, health, and the environment.

  • ETL US & Canada

    ETL US & Canada

    This item meets the electrical product safety standards imposed by the ETL, a division of the Intertek Group, for use in the United States and Canada.

  • ETL Sanitation

    ETL Sanitation

    This item meets the sanitation standards imposed by the ETL, a division of the Intertek Group.

  • 5-15P


    This unit comes with a NEMA 5-15P plug.

Large Food Carriage

The spacious food carriage is installed at a 35 degree angle and accommodates product as large as 10" x 8 1/4" x 10 1/4" in size.

Reliable Meat Grip

Pyramid-shaped teeth provide an excellent grip and stability, even when slicing longer products thanks to the points on the side of the end weight.

Push Button Operation

Starting and stopping the slicer as as simple as the press of a button that features a protective covering to prevent damage from excess juices.

Thickness Adjustment

A simple dial provides you with complete control over your product's thickness, giving you 15 options from the thinnest slices to 9/16" cuts.

Easy to Maintain

Some of the slicer's various components require periodic lubrication, and an included supply of oil makes that maintenance easier than ever!

Safe, Razor Sharp Blade

The 12" blade is razor sharp so that it can effortlessly cut through product, and it is surrounded by a knife ring guard to help protect users.

Removable Sharpener

The removable, easy-to-clean sharpener is mounted atop the unit and features 2 stones that effectively keep the slicer's blade from dulling.

Simple Cover Removal

A knob on the bottom of the knife cover makes it simple to remove for cleaning, and just as easy to re-install for continued safe operation.

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Globe. From the largest selection of slicers. Globe G-Series: Medium duty. Medium duty slicers; G10 10" knife, 1/3HP. G12 12" knife, 1/2HP. G12A 12" knife, 1/2HP automatic. G14 14" knife, 1/2 HP. Interlocked knife cover, advanced meat grip design, Consistent slice quality. Easy to clean anodized aluminum. Perfect for mid-volume operations.

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Cleaning and sanitizing instructions. Your slicer must be disassembled, cleaned, and sanitized a minimum of every four hours and at the end of the day. Do not hose down or pressure wash the slicer. Never use a scrubber pad, steel wool, or any other abrasive material on the slicer. Never use a bleach-based cleaner, hypo sodium chlorite. Use only Globe specified sanitizers. Use a moist wipe to clean your slicer. Make sure to always ring out excess water before cleaning. It is extremely important to follow the instructions on the sanitizer container to ensure proper sanitation is achieved. Always wear mesh and single-use gloves. To begin the cleaning procedure, make sure that the slicer is turned off and the food chute is completely toward the operator. Turn the slice thickness dial clockwise past zero until it stops. Switch the auto engage lever to manual and unplug the slicer. With a clean cloth, wipe away liquids and food particles. Unscrew the slide rod from the food chute and remove the end weight. Next, remove the food chute by loosening the chute release knob. Lift the food chute off the chute arm. Remove the knife sharpener inlay. Place this item to the side to be cleaned and sanitized. To remove the knife cover, loosen the knife cover thumb screw with your right hand. With your left hand, hold the tab located at the bottom of the cover. Carefully rock the knife cover away from the bottom pin and pull the cover away from the knife. Attached to the ring guard is a removable, flexible slice deflector. At the center of the ring guard is a locking tab. Carefully unsnap the slice deflector from the ring guard and remove it for cleaning. Take all the removed parts of the to the sink for cleaning and sanitizing. Scrub clean, rinse, and sanitize all parts. Allow them to air dry before reinstalling them on your clean, sanitized, and dry slicer. Clean and sanitize the entire slicer. Start by cleaning the knife ring guard. Insert a clean nylon brush into a mild detergent and warm water solution. Work the brush along the outer edge of the knife. Also work the brush along the entire back side of the knife. Spray the entire surface of the slicer with the Globe-approved slicer cleaner including both sides of the knife, slicer table, entire slicer base, the sharpener inlay, and attached lanyard. Next, insert a clean, damp cloth within a mild detergent, warm water solution. Using the clean, damp cloth and slicer brush, scrub the surfaces of the slicer, including the knife. Wipe the knife from the center, outward. Make sure that you clean and sanitize the back of the knife as well. Clean and sanitize the knife inlay and lanyard. using a spray bottle of clean water, thoroughly rinse the slicer. Wipe the surfaces with a clean, dry paper towel to remove excess water. Carefully wipe the knife from the center of the knife, outward. Also, wipe the slicer table by starting at the knife and wiping away from the blade. The Globe slicer has a lift lever which raises the slicer to allow cleaning underneath. Push the chute arm all the way back. Pull the lift lever handle toward you while gently lifting up on the slice thickness dial. After cleaning and sanitizing the counter area under the slicer, gently lower the slicer back into its operating position. Make sure the slicer feet are in the foot retainers. Spray the countertop and entire surface of the slicer, including both sides of the knife, slicer table, entire slicer base, the sharpener inlay, and attached lanyard with the Globe-approved sanitizer. Follow the instructions on the container to ensure proper sanitation is achieved. Allow the slicer and all the parts to air dry. Do not wipe dry. Repeat this entire process a minimum of every four hours and at the end of the working day. The slicer must be disassembled, cleaned, and sanitized. An important step to kill bacteria is to allow the slicer and the parts to air dry before placing them back on the slicer. Do not wipe dry. Now that your slicer has been cleaned, sanitized, and allowed to air dry, it is time to reassemble it for use. Begin by inserting and securing the slice deflector. Make sure it snaps back into place on the ring guard. Retrieve the cleaned, sanitized, and dry knife cover from the sink area and align the tab over the locator pin. With two fingers, press the tab over the pin. You will hear it click into place. Press and hold the knife cover in place while tightening the thumb screw on the top of the slicer. Reattach the clean knife cover inlay. Retrieve the clean, sanitized, and dried food chute from the sink area and place it back onto the chute arm. Securely tighten the food chute release knob. Reinsert and secure the slicer and weight slice rod and end weight. Plug the slicer in and you are again ready to slice!

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Hello. Todd Clem at Globe Food Equipment here to talk today about our G series medium duty slicers. We have our G14. It's a 14" diameter slicer with a half horsepower motor. It's good for slicing about three hours a day within an hour and a half of that for slicing cheese. This is our G10 slicer, a 10" diameter machine with a third horsepower motor. Good for about an hour a day with a half an hour of that for slicing cheese. This, then, is our G12 slicer. This is a 12" diameter machine, again with a half horsepower motor. Good for about two and a half hours a day of which you could slice cheese for maybe an hour to an hour and 15 minutes. Now, the G series slicers do have a couple of very exclusive features. One, if we look at our handle for the meat grip, we're going to keep your hand farther away from the knife. It's not just a simple handle, but an exclusive design keeping your hand farther away as you're slicing. On our switch, we have what is called a no-volt release switch. What does that mean? All other slicers have a very simple switch, very comparable to a light switch on a wall. So, if power is disrupted in your house and you don't touch the light switch, when the power comes back on, your lights come back on. We do it a little bit differently. We actually put a relay behind that switch so that if power's disrupted, either the lights or power in the building goes out or it gets unplugged, reengaging power to the machine, it won't start up on its own. You actually have to hit the stop button and then the start button to get it to turn back on. Another exclusive feature is an interlock on the knife cover so when you take the knife cover off for cleaning, you cannot turn the slicer back on. Just like on all of our slicers, the carriage movement is very, very smooth. It's an easy-glide action. If it moves this easy now, imagine after you've used the slicer for a while, how much easier it's going to be. If we then take a look underneath the slicer, we have a cover that covers not only the electronic package and the switch, but also the motor and the belt. This is going to keep food particles from getting up inside the motor or the belt and prematurely wearing them out. We also have a manual override switch. If you use the slicer beyond its capacities and overheat the motor, this will allow you to reset it and be able to use it right away rather than waiting on a thermal overload which may take 15 or 20 minutes to reset. This is our G series of slicers, medium duty slicers for a wide variety of uses. For information on this or any Globe product, please visit our website at www.GlobeFoodEquip.com

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Overall Dimensions:
  • Width: 22 1/4 Inches
  • Depth: 19 1/4 Inches
  • Height: 17 Inches
Maximum Product Size:
  • Width: 11 Inches
  • Height: 8 Inches

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  • Overall User Rating: Globe G12 12" Manual Gravity Feed Slicer - 1/2 hp

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    meats slicer meat size stir slicing slice lunch great fries
    I really like the size and capacity of this meat slicer. It is so easy to use for slicing lunch meat for consistent size and thickness. Also works great to thin slice meats for stir fries.

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