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  • Hand guard prevents cross-contamination
  • Compatible holder allows scoop to air dry
  • Virtually shatterproof
  • Angled handle relieves wrist strain
  • Promotes proper ice retrieval instead of employees using glasses or hands to scoop
  • Reinforced front edge increases durability
  • 15% greater capacity than standard scoops
UPC Code: 086876200355

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Rubbermaid Manufacturing Process

Rubbermaid Manufacturing Process

RCP, better known as Rubbermaid Commercial Products, has been designing and manufacturing the most effective and durable janitorial and sanitation products since 1968. From trash containers to a mop bucket that reduces splashing, durability and productivity have worked as key ingredients in the innovation behind the products designed. We're heading to Rubbermaid's headquarters in Huntersville North Carolina to meet the team behind the world's toughest cleaning products. "When I think about quality I think about it from our consumer's perspective, and when you just see the name Rubbermaid, what initially pops in their mind is the word durability." "We have a storied history of innovative product design. In 1974, our CP came up with the first resin mop bucket. At that time, the advantages of that over the traditional metal bucket were that it's a lot lighter, and it's a lot more maneuverable when you push it across the floor. So we put a lot of time up front in simulating how we're going to ensure the product quality before the design is even finished, so we do it in our computer-aided design simulation tools. We're also taking our product, go evaluate it in the test lab, make sure it meets all the standards, and then we get approval by quality to go into production." So what is it about this innovative designs that keeps RCP at the top of the industry? "We're always trying to find ways to test our extreme durability. So recently my team came up with this crazy idea to drop a 4000 pound car on top of a Brute container, just to see how indestructible it actually is. And of course there was some crushing, but no denting, and literally just popped it back into its original shape." Now that we've had a taste of the imagination behind these superhero products, it's time to see what they're made of. Welcome to Winchester Virginia, the original birthplace of Rubbermaid Commercial Products, home to RCP's manufacturing and distribution, along with several other locations spread all over the US, totaling a whopping 3.9 million square feet of manufacturing space. "So in this facility we've broken it down into several different product families. Two product families that I'm really excited about are the Brute and the WaveBrake. The Brute, we make several different sized containers; these are cans that you probably have at your house or your neighbor has at their house that they put their garbage in, so let's go have some fun and let's go take a look at the process in person. Right now we're going to meet Bill Cherrier. Bill is my engineering manager for this facility. He's going to take you through the rest of the process on how the Brute is manufactured here at the facility. Bill, she's all yours." "Alright, thank you very much. Welcome to the Brute cell. Let's go take a look at the injection process and see how the Brutes are made. So each year we go through about a 130 million pounds of resin. It's delivered here by rail car, pumped into outside silos, and a pumping system conveys it to the machines, like the ones behind me. So an injection machine has two halves: an injection half that has the screw and barrel; resin comes in in a pelletized form, it goes in, it gets pushed forward through the screw that's inside the barrel, it melts, and on this machine, there's a mold in the clamp half that has two halves. It fills that void between the two - that's the shape of a 44 gallon Brute - it cools, and when it's ready and solid, it opens up here; one comes out every 49 seconds or so." "For our 50th anniversary we actually held a contest to find the oldest Brute that's still out there in the field in use. Within two weeks we had hundreds of entries and we actually found the winner, and it was somebody that had had the Brute container that's still in use from 1968, so 49 years and still going strong." "It is amazing that we sell 2.8 million of these a year because they are virtually indestructible. They go through a variety of testing, taken to the extremes of environment. And we test it literally by freezing these things at -20 degrees Fahrenheit and dropping them from a height of 6 feet one hundred times. We also lift them 5000 times by the handles with a weight full of water, and we put weight inside of them and we drag them on a piece of sandpaper for 10 miles or so just to show that they don't wear out as you drag it to the end of your driveway each morning. So here we are at our distribution facility in Winchester and behind me you see bustling activity, shipping millions of dollars of products each day to customers around the world. You name it, you can find our products in airports, hotels, and your kitchen as well." "I was in a hotel recently, and saw a 95 pound housekeeper, and she had a Rubbermaid Commercial Products hospitality cart, and it really hit me that what we're doing can make a difference. On a daily basis she's pushing over 350 pounds of supplies, 7-8 hours a day, and I think about the improvements that we've made to that cart, you know, even in the last two years, and to us, if we've done that right, we've done our job." "We really want to make the users of our products lives easier and safer, from mop buckets that you'll see in a school cafeteria to cleaning carts that you'll see in a hotel, to Brute trash cans that you'll see on a construction site, and so when we build products, and we innovate, and we think about those products and how they're going to be used, we design that into our products." "We're also very proud of the fact that we're making so much of this product here in the United States which provides to the local economy and also to the economy throughout the United States." Looking to keep your commercial space clean with a variety of innovative, durable products? Head over to rubbermaidcommercial.com.

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Check out the video for an in-depth overview of the manufacturing of Rubbermaid Commercial Products. Meet team members, see how Brute cans are built, tested, and distributed, and discover the motivation and mission behind RCP's innovative designs.

Rubbermaid FG9F5100TBLUE Specs
Length 12 Inches
Width 6 3/4 Inches
Height 7 3/4 Inches
Capacity 74 oz.
Color Blue
Material Plastic

NSF Listed Yes
Style Flat Bottom
Type Scoop and Holder Combos

Rubbermaid FG9F5100TBLUE Details

This Rubbermaid FG9F5100TBLUE ProServe 2.3 qt. ice scoop with holder is a great way to easily scoop and transfer ice while keeping sanitation and safety in mind! This combination comes complete with the scoop and its compatible holder allows the scoop to air dry, preventing the growth of mold and bacteria. Featuring an angled handle positioned over the 74 oz. ice cavity, this ergonomically designed scoop relieves wrist strain and pressure for you or your employees. A hand guard also protrudes from the bottom of the scoop, directly underneath the handle. This design helps prevent hands from contacting the ice or other ingredients being scooped, ultimately decreasing the risk of cross-contamination. If the ice in your ice bins is in anyway contaminated by your employees' hands, you risk tainting your customers' drinks, and this product helps protect you from that risk. Made of durable polycarbonate, this scoop is virtually shatterproof and promises you a product with longevity. Its material construction also makes it an ideal option for outdoor establishments looking for a safe ice scoop. From pizzerias and diners to concession stands, and virtually any other establishment, this scoop is perfect for scooping ice, flour, or other bulk ingredients!

Scoop Dimensions:
Length: 12"
Width: 6 3/4"
Height: 7 3/4"
Capacity: 2.3 quarts (74 oz.)

  • NSF Listed

    NSF Listed

    This item meets the standards imposed by NSF International, which focuses on public safety, health, and the environment.

  • Dishwasher Safe

    Dishwasher Safe

    This item can safely be cleaned in a commercial dishwasher.

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Rubbermaid FG9F5100TBLUE

Spec Sheet Specsheet Instructions Instructions Warranty Warranty Rubbermaid Ice Handling Brochure Rubbermaid Acute Care Solutions Brochure

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall User Rating: Rubbermaid FG9F5100TBLUE ProServe 2.3 Qt. Ice Scoop with Holder

    5.0 stars from 22 reviews


    People Talk About:

    ice scoop machine great holder fill scooper easy Health large
    These ice scoops are the smartest scoops ever invented. There is a shield that goes in front of your hand so you don't get any germs or bacteria in the ice. It's also very sturdy and large. Genius!!!
    This thing is great, really wide mouth so we can fill up the countertop ice bucket quickly when we're busy and everyone is ordering frozen drinks. Holder is great for keeping the scoop out of the ice bin, which is health-department required most places.
    Rubbermaid makes durable products and this ice scoop is no exception. You can dig deep into an ice bin and fill the scoop which creates a lot of pressure on the handle, but we have never had one break under pressure.
    This scoop is made to be very sturdy and shaped in a way that the while carrying ice it feel balanced. The holder is also very easy to install.
    My board of health was all over me about my ice scoop container.. saying it was being stored wrong. Now that i have this, he has not said anything!
    This ice scoop holder is very nice. The scoop fits perfectly in it. It keeps the scoop out of the way and allows it to drip dry as well.
    Our team loves this ice scoop holder because it easily attached to the ice machine and it keeps the ice scoop clean and sanitary when it is in the holder. Great price and really easy to use.
    We attached this to the front of our ice machine and love it! No more searching for the ice scoop and no more leaving it in the machine!
    I have this mounted on the side of my ice machine. Nice scooper for the price. DOnt forget to also get an ice tote to fill with this scoop.
    This rubbermaid ice scoop and holder is a great size for a large ice machine. The restaurant uses a lot of ice in the summer. One scoop is perfect to a go to bag and drinks.
    awesome product works amazing would recommend to anyone who needs a sanitary way to fill in bulk, instillation is a snap durability is excellent as well
    Very well designed, I can fill 3 - 20oz cups at a time with one scoop. The holder definitly comes in handy. Excellent price too
    This is a great product. The price is a little high, but it works great. Its very easily mountable and works great for scooping large quantities of ice
    Perfect fit for our ice machine. Perfect for Health code requirements. This scooper is definitely on the large side. We use this for transporting ice from our ice machine to our bar.
    This scoop is the best for ice! It has the extra area in the back that fits more ice. More ice means less trips to the ice machine!
    Best ice scooper I have purchased so far. This scooper can scoop a good amount of ice. The wire hanger is very good quality but I had to order an inclosed container for scooper because the one included did not pass health code contamination specifications.
    Durable ice scoop for our large ice machine. The size of this item makes filling the ice buckets much quicker and the design prevents your hands from touching the ice when scooping.
    A must have for anyone seeking a higher level of sanitation and control. Ice can be disgusting! It requires a high level of care and sanitation.
    very good quality, and very easy to install. our health dept. sanitarian will be pleased that we can store the ice scoop how she wants.
    Just got this in and I love it! Someone had run off with our old one-a common woe when there are so many athletic teams coming in to fill coolers. This one is BIG! It fills the coolers and ice bins quickly yet it is still easy to fill a single glass by pouring out of the corner. I like that it comes with an easy-to-install holder and to top it all off I ordered one of your nifty coiled cables to make sure it stays put! Nice!
    This ice scoop is worth every penny we payed for it. It's pretty sturdy and it's not an eyesore. I would recommend this ice scoop.
    what a great little set up, you always need to do everything you can to keep your staff and customers as safe as possable and this sure helps take one problem out

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