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  • Mounts to inside or outside of ice bins
  • Space-efficient
  • Removable bottom on holder
  • Germ Guard prevents hand contact with ice
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Serve ice the safe and sanitary way with this San Jamar SI7000 Saf-T-Ice ice scoop holder with 12-16 oz. scoop.

Many people don't immediately think of ice as a possible point of food borne illness, but food safety is just important at your ice bin as it is on the prep line. This Saf-T-Ice scoop and holder combination helps your staff practice safe ice handling while also making it convenient and easy to retrieve ice for a variety of uses!

  • NSF Listed

    NSF Listed

    This item meets the standards imposed by NSF International, which focuses on public safety, health, and the environment.

  • Dishwasher Safe

    Dishwasher Safe

    This item can safely be cleaned in a commercial dishwasher.

Sanitary Scoop Design

Featuring a domed shape, this scoop holds 12-16 oz. of ice and allows for faster and more accurate serving since the shape will easily funnel the ice into cups and carrying buckets. Its ergonomically shaped handle also provides outstanding balance and comfort while two "Germ Guards" also protect the ice from thumb and knuckle contact.

Removable Bottom

The holder has a removable bottom that can be sealed or left open to drain, so your ice scoop is never sitting in standing water from melted ice.

Durable Construction

This scoop and holder are made from durable polycarbonate to ensure ultimate durability and stability and the distinct, ice-blue color looks great too.

Easy Mounting

Designed to be easily mounted to the inside or outside of ice bins, this scoop and holder set saves space with its slim profile. The mounting bracket fits a wide variety of bin-lip dimensions, and two suction cups are included for mounting.

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San Jamar Saf-T-Scoop

Ice is food, so treat your ice with the same care that you give the rest of your customers' meals by adding the Saf-T-Scoop from San Jamar to your commercial kitchen! Check out this short video for more information.

San Jamar Safe Ice Handling System

Dangerous bacteria can be spread through ice, so protect your customers as well as your reputation by ensuring safe ice handling with San Jamar's Safe Ice Handling System. Watch this short video to find out more!

San Jamar Saf-T-Ice Ice Scoop Holder

See how this San Jamar Saf-T Ice scoop and holder solve 2 of the biggest sanitation problems related to ice handling: thumb and knuckle contact with the ice and unsanitary scoop storage!

Presenting another innovation from San Jamar. How you scoop ice can be a recipe for cross contamination. Being safe and sanitary applies to ice just as it applies to food. The fact is, ice is food. That means it’s susceptible to the same risks of cross contamination, especially from contact with bare hands, dirty scoops, or contaminated containers. Think about everything your ice scoop touches—that’s what ultimately can end up in your customers’ drinks. And anytime someone uses their hands or a glass to serve ice, it contaminates the ice. Keeping customers safe starts with properly handling ice from the ice machine to the glass and every step in between. Saf-T-Scoop and guardian systems from San Jamar are an essential HACCP tool for minimizing the risk of cross contamination. Dual germ guards on the Saf-T-Scoop keep ice from coming into contact with hands, preventing cross contamination during use. The other key feature in the San Jamar safe ice handling system is the Saf-T-Ice guardian scoop holder. It safely stores and completely protects the scoop from picking up bacteria and contaminants when not in use while allowing for proper drying. And the high capacity, ergonomic design, is efficient and easy to use. Plus, the angled chute directs ice where you want it, not on the floor or counter, reducing the risk of dangerous puddles of melted ice. The Saf-T-Scoop and guardian are constructed from durable, break-resistant polycarbonate that’s dishwasher safe so it’s easy to clean and NSF approved, unlike metal scoops. You can mount the guardian inside or outside of the ice bin using either the wire bracket or supplied suction cups. Saf-T-Scoop and guardian are available in a wide variety of sizes. The new banquet Saf-T-Scoop features drain holes that prevent watered-down drinks. The handy 4 – 6 oz. size is ideal for single beverage servings, 6 – 10 oz. and 12 – 16 oz. for bar and beverage stations, 20 – 24 oz. for bar and beverage programs where time and efficiency are key, and for ice machine filling, our 64 – 86 oz. scoops quickly fill ice totes. Taking care of your customers starts with using the Saf-T-Scoop and guardian ice handling system from San Jamar. For more information on this and other smart food safety products, visit sanjamar.com.

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Presenting another innovation from San Jamar. E. coli, Salmonella, and other dangerous bacteria can survive and spread through ice. Ice is susceptible to the same cross contamination risks as food. Protect your customers and your image by taking care of your ice. The Safe Ice Handling System from San Jamar provides the tools necessary to safely transport and serve ice. The durable Saf-T-Ice tote provides a dedicated, transparent container for safely transporting ice. The tote features an ergonomic grip design for easy handling. The patented HACCP hanger hangs securely on ice machines, freeing up hands and reducing back strain. Plus, it keeps the bottom hand grips off of the floor and clean. And the integrated handy hook allows for sanitary drying and storage. The Saf-T-Ice tote is available in the original six gallon size or the five gallon shorty, designed to fit into commercial dish machines. Sanitary transport is only one part of San Jamar’s Safe Ice Handling System. Ice is most likely to become contaminated during serving. Dirty hands can easily transmit bacteria and viruses to ice and beverages. The Saf-T-Scoop and guardian system provide a sanitary way to serve ice and store your scoop between uses. Saf-T-Scoop’s dual germ guard design prevents hands from coming into contact with ice. The domes shape gives you greater capacity for faster filling and the shape makes it easier to direct ice into totes, containers, and glasses, minimizing the chance for ice spills and slippery floors. The Saf-T-Scoop is made of durable material, engineered to withstand the abuses of foodservice and bar environments, a much safer way to serve ice than scooping it with a glass. The guardian holder keeps Saf-T-Scoop protected and handy between uses, enclosing the scoop but allowing air flow for proper drying. The Saf-T-Scoop and guardian system is available in three sizes to fit your needs behind the bar, at the beverage station, or at the ice machine and can be mounted in or outside of ice bins and machines with included hardware. Saf-T-Ice tote and the Saf-T-Scoop and guardian system. The smart, safe, and sanitary solution for complete safe ice handling. For more information on this and other smart food safety products, visit sanjamar.com.

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San Jamar is proud to introduce the Saf-T-Scoop and Guardian System; the first food safety ice scoop and protection solution. The problem with traditional ice scoops is that they do nothing to prevent dangerous ice contamination. With regular ice scoops dirty hands get dragged through the ice. The same ice that we all drink. With the Saf-T-Scoop there is finally a way to be able to stop this food safety violation without slowing down the user. The Saf-T-Scoop has two germ guards that prevent cross-contamination: one keeping the knuckles away from the ice, and one keeping the thumb away. With the Saf-T-Scoop, your ice and your drinks are safe. The Guardian System protects the scoop with it’s not in use. Where does a regular ice scoop go when it’s not being used? Unless the food contact areas of the scoop are being protected, there is potential for a food safety violation. When a regular scoop is stored inside an ice bin, the unsantitized handle has the potential to contaminate ice. With the Guardian System, there is a dedicated safe spot for keeping your ice and the food contact area of the scoop completely protected from cross contamination. The Saf-T-Scoop and Guardian System was designed with unlimited options for safe positioning. The system can be mounted outside of an ice bin with the wired mounting hangers that are included with your system. You can choose one of the two included wire hangers to fit on virtually any ice bin lip dimension. Simply slide one of the hangers on to the mounting bracket, set the bracket into position on your ice bin, and then set the guardian system directly into place. The mounting bracket was designed to allow mounting without the hangers on ice bins or other surfaces. You can use your own mounting hardware, or the two advanced strength suction cups that are included with your Saf-T-Scoop and Guardian System. The system can also be mounted inside of the ice bin. The cold environment helps stop the growth of dangerous bacteria. The patent pending Saf-T-Scoop and Guardian System also enhances the appearance of your bar or beverage station. Your customers will notice the sleek design. More importantly, they’ll recognize your commitment to making sure their beverages are truly safe. Keep your bar or beverage station smart, safe, and sanitary with the Saf-T-Scoop and Guardian System by San Jamar.

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Overall Dimensions:
  • Length: 10 1/2 Inches
  • Width: 4 1/2 Inches
  • Height: 4 1/4 Inches

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Customer Reviews

  • Overall User Rating: San Jamar SI7000 Saf-T-Ice Ice Scoop Holder with 12-16 oz. Ice Scoop

    4.9 stars from 22 reviews


    People Talk About:

    ice scoop holder fits handy cup Great cups nicely scooper
    This ice scoop works great. it wont crack or break over time. It can be mounted with the brackets or just sit in its holder.
    Great item to use behind the bar. Its small enough to fit in the speed racks and doesnt take up too much space. Its also a much safer way to put ice into the glass to avoid any chips on the glass.
    This is a great product. I do wish it was a bit cheaper, but you're paying for the quality. It's a much better and more sanitary set up for scooping nice than scoop in a metal cup setup I see in may places.
    Great ice scoop that is rounded to direct ice exactly where you want it to go. Plus it is build to be mounted directly to the side of your ice machine or on the wall next to it!
    This is a great product and great price. We ended up using it on our portable ice box. the scooper size fits the perfect amount of ice for smoothies and iced teas. we use a 20oz cup and a 16 oz cup.
    I really do sort of hate the design of this thing, although I think the most infuriating parts of it are on purpose. The "paddle" that goes behind your hand when using it has the unfortunate side effect of collecting ice and slinging it all over the floor. The Health Department inspectors will love it, though. Your employees will hate it.
    Thank you for your feedback! We’re sorry you did not prefer this product. For recommendations, please contact our Customer Solutions team.
    We use it in a large ice drawer that gets pushed into the wall. It fit perfectly in the inside of the drawer, no slips.
    Wall mount ice scooper with holder. Made of A grade plastic. Very study and easy mounting. Scoops fits nicely in holder allowing for a smooth removal for use. Scoop will fill a 20 oz. cup
    Love this ice scoop. It is very thick and sturdy and I like the way it fits in an enclosed receptacle which is called for by Ohio health regulations.
    Excellent High quality product. Been using it for a year with no cracks or chips in the scoop. Holder keeps scoop out of the way until you need it!
    Holy smokes! We love our ice scoop and holder. The suction sticks to practically anything and the easily removable bottom piece makes it easy to clean.
    It's quite a big size than other same size's of scoop. It has big handle to cover hands to prevent touch the ice. Exactly what I want. It has some stuff to help to hanging or install it. You could decide what way is the best attachment for yourself. I just use plastic sucker to attached to my ice machine, it takes only 5 seconds!. tada! I like it.
    This Saf T Ice scoop is perfect for our servers station and for the ice bin behind the bar. It can be cleaned easily, just throw it in the dishwasher.
    Great I scooping holder. Will work just fine for our needs. The holder comes in quite handy so that we always know exactly were scoop is. Easy to purchase
    We keep one in all our wells and they've lasted for years. We toss them in our dish washer at the end of every day to keep them clean. Perfect size for our high balls and rocks glasses.
    This ice scoop is a good size for 12 oz cups. It funnels the ice well into the cup not the floor. Having the nice holster makes it quick when your grabbing ice for drinks all the time.
    With our limited space in our new mobile coffee trailer, this ice scoop is perfect. It meets health department requirements and works perfectly with our new ice bin.
    San jamar makes great products especially for Ice handeling. These come in all sizes to suit your individual needs and the Health Department loves them. Highly recommend.
    This is such a handy ice scoop. the holder makes it work really nice and keeps it handy. The scoop fits your hand nicely and works just right.
    Good product with handy holder for scoop. Design of scoop helps reduce hand contact with ice, so contamination is not as big a concern. We purchase three - one for ice machine, and two for drink machines. My only complaint is that the suction cups do not hold well, but they hold better on the smaller scoops than the large.
    I like this particular ice scoop because it comes with the scoop holder as well. This allows me to not have to place it on top of the ice machine which is quite unsanitary.
    A full scoop from this scooper fills a 16-20 oz cup pretty nicely. It small enough that it doesn't get in the way behind our counter and you have the option to mount with suction cups (that periodically fall down) or with screws or with the metal hanger.

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