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  • Floral rose flavor, made with pure cane sugar and no artificial ingredients
  • Compatible with a .25 oz. Monin syrup pump (sold separately) to measure and cleanly dispense flavor
  • Enhances cocktails, lattes, frozen drinks, iced teas, and lemonades without being too sweet                              
  • Glass bottle has an attractive shelf presence; Great for restaurants, coffee shops, or cafes
  • Approximately 25 (1 oz.) servings per bottle
UPC Code: 738337056734

Bring sweet, floral flavor to your beverages with this Monin 750 mL premium rose flavoring syrup!

Made with pure cane sugar and no artificial ingredients, this clean label syrup will enhance the flavor profile of your mixed or blended drinks without overpowering them or being too sweet. Packaged in a glass bottle, it boasts a sleek appearance for an attractive shelf presence at your restaurant, bar, coffee shop, or cafe. Best of all, it can easily be paired with a compatible pump for quick, efficient service during peak serving hours.

  • Made in America

    Made in America

    This item was made in the United States of America.

  • Vegetarian


    This item is vegetarian per the manufacturer.

  • Gluten-Free


    This item is gluten-free per the manufacturer.

  • Non-GMO


    This item does not contain any genetically modified ingredients.

  • Vegan


    This item is vegan per the manufacturer.

  • Dairy-Free


    This item does not contain any milk-based ingredients.

  • Made with Natural Ingredients

    Made with Natural Ingredients

    This product is made with natural ingredients.



    This item has been Halal certified by the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America and it is permissible under Islamic law.

  • KSA Pareve Kosher

    KSA Pareve Kosher

    This item is prepared without meat or milk products and is certified Kosher by the Kosher Supervision of America.

Rich, Distinctive Rose Flavor

Featuring an aromatic, herbal and floral rose flavor, this syrup provides a quick and easy way to add exciting new flavor and a pink hue to a variety of your handcrafted cocktails, wine spritzers, sodas, iced teas, and lemonades. You can even use it in a variety of baked goods and frostings!

Suggested Recipe: Bouquet of Roses

Perfect for springtime seasonal menus, this light, elegant cocktail is sure to please.

1.25 oz. gin
1.5 oz. Monin rose syrup
1 pump Monin Watermelon concentrated flavor
0.75 oz. fresh lemon juice
Rose wine

Pour ingredients into a mixing glass with 2/3 ice. Cap, shake, and strain into a chilled serving glass. Add garnish and serve.

A Brand You Can Trust

Since 1912, Monin has had a passion for delivering premium products that simplify the beverage-making process. A third generation family-owned company, Monin's uncompromising integrity to high quality ingredients has made it a proud leader in the industry today. Focusing on using premium ingredients and versatility in application when creating its products, Monin is constantly innovating and expanding its product portfolio with products that deliver new and exciting flavors, with equally enticing aromas, to the market. Offering everything from flavoring syrups, sauces, and concentrates to real fruit purees and complete smoothie mixes, deliver a statement of quality to your beverages when preparing with Monin's gourmet flavoring products.

Customer Q&A Ask a Question

When I mixed this syrup with hot milk or cream, it caused it to curdle – why?
These syrups get their delicious taste from natural flavors, meaning they also have varying levels of citric acid. Syrup flavors based on naturally acidic items, such as lemons, limes, and other fruits, will have more citric acid; when mixed with hot dairy products, it may occasionally produce the curdling that you’re seeing. However, these flavors make an excellent addition to sodas, iced teas, lemonades, and mixed drinks!

For warm beverages, try a slightly different way of preparing your syrup and milk. Mix the syrup into the espresso, and then steam the milk separately – this will keep the syrup and the dairy products separate for as long as possible, and minimize the chance of curdling.
Do I need to keep this product refrigerated? Or refrigerate after opening?
No, this product does not require refrigeration.
Can I recycle this bottle?
Yes, this bottle is recyclable.
It looks like a ring formed inside the neck of my syrup bottle. Is this normal and still safe to use?
It is not uncommon to see this, but the manufacturer assures that this is not mold and it is not harmful. It can be caused over time from an oil separation in the syrup ingredients. It doesn't pose a food safety risk or alter the taste of the syrup.

Watch More Videos

Secret Garden Cocktail by Monin

Serve up a delicious secret garden-themed cocktail using Monin passion fruit syrup! Complete with an edible flower garnish, this drink is delightful for both the eye and the palate.

Rainbow Jenga Cocktail by Monin

Wow your guests with this colorful rainbow jenga cocktail using various Monin syrups! Watch the video for a complete recipe.

Secret garden. 60 mL Monin rose syrup. 40 mL le fruit de Monin passion fruit. 40 mL lemon juice. 100 mL gin. 600 mL water. Pour all ingredients into the twist n' sparkle and carbonate with 1 soda charger. Wait 1 minute before opening. Pour into glass container filled with ice cubes. Fill the ice tray with water, arrange edible flowers on top. Place in refrigerator for 3 hours.

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Rainbow jenga. 15 mL rose syrup. 30 mL vodka. 10 mL Monin blue curacao syrup. 10 mL Monin elder flower syrup. 15 mL fresh lime juice. Add ice. Shake. 1 bottle Bacardi breezer or beer.

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Overall Dimensions:
  • Package Size: 750 ml

Customer Reviews

  • Overall User Rating: Monin 750 mL Premium Rose Flavoring Syrup

    5.0 stars from 30 reviews


    People Talk About:

    Rose syrup great flavoring flavor tea floral drinks wonderful little
    This rose syrup adds an elegant zing to anything it is added to. It is well loved in our lemonades and lattes. This is a great and unique flavor to add to your coffee menu!
    A great floral flavor. Pretty sweet, but not overpowering. It mixes incredibly well with other flavors. We like this because it keeps it’s flavor even if you add others.
    We love our rose flavoring! We use it for sparkling water, teas and more. Our customers keep coming back for more. It blends well with other flavors.
    Rose is a more herbal tasting flavor, but our customers love is none the less! This flavor is definitely strong and potent. But, for the right people, this is a great syrup.
    I like how thick the actual syrup is. When we use it for alcoholic beverages people always want more pumps because the vodka and rose syrup is paired when the balance is correct.
    Delicious syrup, makes great flavoring and coloring for cake frosting and other pastries. Also great in cocktails and customized lemonades or various other drink recipe variations.
    So unique in its own way. A little goes a long ways. Makes a great addition to lemonade in the summer or a mocha. The taste is definitely an experience in itself.
    I am a big fan of Monin Rose flavoring syrup. I don't use it so much for the rose flavoring but just a little to give the teas a nice floral aroma.
    We use this flavoring syrup in our drinks at the coffee bar in our café. It has great flavor and our guest really enjoy it!
    Was very pleased by this product. I tasted a cake with the rose flavoring and had to try it for myself. I found it very easy to use without being overpowering. It also did not alert the color of my frosting much. I used it to make vanilla rose cupcakes. It was a big seller. Recommened!
    I looove rose. I think I like this flavor only sliiiightly better than the Torani variety, and the color of this is a lot more hot pink whereas the Torani variety is a much softer, bubblegum pink.
    A nice rose flavored syrup that is very sweet and floral. The rose syrup is wonderful in hot tea and very aromatic and smells terrific.
    This is so rosey. Seriously. It's so unique. I've used it on shaved ice by itself and thinned down. I've also used it on chocolate shaved ice and it was so good and different.
    How many of us have actually tasted rose? well you can basically have that experience with this, crack open the bottle and youll feel like its a spring day in a rose garden
    The rose premium rose syrup is great and a regal flavoring syrup to make our cream cheese spread that is great. A really unique but awesome syrup.
    I knew that when this Rose syrup arrived that it would end up flying off of our shelves. It has a nice flavor to it and we use it in 8 of the drinks that we currently serve on the menu. I love it so much!
    A nice quality rose flavoring syrup that is great for making a soothing cup of coffee. Really different but love the slight floral smell and taste.
    The premium rose flavoring syrup is different. It is has a strong floral taste and a little bit goes a long way. Great for tea.
    At first I was not sure what to expect out of this rose flavoring syrup, but I know that I am glad that I bought it now as it has quickly become a favorite of mine.
    The premium rose flavoring syrup is a delightful, floral inspired syrup that is great for refreshing variations of lemonade. The rose flavoring is one of the best we have tried.
    A very pleasant and pleasing flavor to add to lemonade or tea. The rose syrup is so subtle and relaxing for the taste buds. A great brand and wonderful syrup.
    Awesome unique flavor. We used it to make a rose pomegranate punch for a first birthday party, and it was a big hit. Great price and fast shipping too.
    Smells and tastes amazing! An iced rose latte made with this syrup is a sensory experience that is such a treat! I can see this tasting wonderful in black tea as well.
    The best rose syrup ever. If you like roses, you will like this one. It is mild, and will give your drinks and desserts an exotic floral flavor. I like to add a dash while making smoothies: you need very little, maybe 1 tablespoon for two glasses. This syrup also works well with strawberries and cream. Just lovely.
    This is perfect Rose Syrup, not too sweet not too strong. Just the right amount of fruity fragrance and flavor. Add it to Vanilla Icecream or Make a Rose Milk Shake, people are bound to enjoy this. This will definitely be a repeat purchase for me.
    Rose is so hip right now. We make rose lattes, rose white mochas and a rose cardomom latte that is incredible. This is a great product.
    I love this flavoring syrup for original rose flavor. it is really peasant and gentle flavor which opens great ides for unusual drinks! You will love it!
    Of course you have to use this one sparingly, but definitely try it in hot tea. Black tea, white tea, orange herbal tea.. Provides a wonderful aroma and sweetness and floral undertone to your mug of tea.
    This one tastes like what you would imagine a rose would. It has a pretty smell to it. It is good for adding something extra to wine.
    So I have to say this stuff is amazing! I use it in just about everything...from my coffee into sweets and other foods it's good with liquors. I highly recommend it. It's not too sweet or too to say but, just right. I've been using it for years. It always takes me back to Paris & what a wonderful feeling that is.

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