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Founded in 1912 as a small, family-owned business in Bourges, France, Monin is now a leading provider of flavoring syrups. The company has its US headquarters in Clearwater, Florida, though they have several manufacturing plants and export their products to places around the globe. Monin flavoring syrups can be used in cafes, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and any other foodservice establishment that wants to add a little extra flavor to the menu.Monin syrups come in several different styles, allowing you to add extra zest to anything you serve. Coffee drink syrups can be used to make specialty hot and cold drinks at your cafe or used to top ice cream sundaes and milkshakes. You can also find fruity purees and drink mixes that are perfect for smoothies, flavored lemonades, and cocktails, so you can constantly create delicious new drinks for your customers.