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Find the Right Commercial Sinks for Your Business

Shop for Commercial Sinks to Clean Dishes, Wash Hands, and More! Commercial sinks are essential for restaurants, hospitals, schools, and other commercial facilities. We have a wide selection of restaurant sinks ranging from compartment sinks to hand sinks. As a result, you can find options for all of your dishwashing, hand washing, or filling mop buckets tasks. Additionally, each of these products is designed specifically to meet the needs of your business, and keep your operation sanitary and safe.

Our selection of stainless steel commercial sinks includes single- and multi-compartment options to handle your light- or heavy-duty cleaning tasks. Models with one well are ideal for placement in compact spaces, whereas our larger options with several wells allow you to clean and sanitize dishware. You can even find drop-in sinks with different numbers of compartments to install directly into your countertops. We carry restaurant sinks for tasks other than warewashing, as well. Set up wall-mount and hands-free sinks in your restroom, prep area, or doctor’s office, so employees or customers can sanitize their hands between tasks. We have mop and utility sinks, too, that make laborious tasks like emptying mop buckets and cleaning larger equipment more efficient.

Whether you run a healthcare facility, hotel, or foodservice establishment, it’s necessary that you outfit your business with the proper commercial sinks in order to meet proper sanitation codes. We offer multi-compartment models that are ideal for warewashing, while our one well models can be used for everything from hand washing to ringing out mops. We even offer stainless steel sink parts and accessories, like legs and cross braces, so you can keep your unit properly running. For additional plumbing equipment, check out our single lever faucets, wall-mount faucet parts and accessories, and foot pedal valves.