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  • Full size, 2 1/2" deep
  • Built-in, anti-jam stacking lugs for easy separation and lifting
  • Made of 24 gauge, 18/8 stainless steel
  • Impact-resistant
  • Reinforced corners
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UPC Code:842169123905
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This full size standard weight anti-jam stainless steel steam table pan is perfect for serving entrees and sides at your catered event.

Easily serve your delicious sides and entrees in your banquet hall or buffet with this full size standard weight anti-jam steam table pan. Built from sturdy 24 gauge 18/8 stainless steel, this product is impact resistant, so it’s sure to stand up to long-term use in your commercial environment. For extra strength, this hotel pan also features double reinforced corners that protect it from damage. You can even move this pan from your freezer to the oven to your serving line without it bending. Additionally, this product has a depth of 2 1/2", making it ideal for serving sides and salads.

  • Dishwasher Safe

    Dishwasher Safe

    This item can safely be cleaned in a commercial dishwasher.

  • Freezer Safe

    Freezer Safe

    This item can withstand low temperature applications and is safe for freezer storage.

  • NSF Listed

    NSF Listed

    This item meets the standards imposed by NSF International, which focuses on public safety, health, and the environment.

  • Oven Safe

    Oven Safe

    This item can withstand high heat applications and is safe for oven use in food service.

Anti-Jam Stacking Lugs

Each stainless steel steam table pan features anti-jam stacking lugs, so it won't stick to other pans when you take it out of storage. This feature allows you to save space by stacking pans without worrying about a hassle the next time you want to use them.

Great for Buffets

This pan is perfect for buffet lines and catered events because of its versatility. It can hold both hot and cold food, and it is easy to clean and refill.

Reinforced Corners

Each pan features sturdy reinforced corners, which makes it easier to carry and more resistant to warping or breakage.

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Overall Dimensions:
  • Length:20 3/4 Inches
  • Width:12 3/4 Inches
  • Depth:2 1/2 Inches
  • Capacity:8.3 qt.

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Compatible Models 

PGM-200-2 (Liquid Propane)
PGM-200-2 (Natural Gas)
PGM-200-3 (Liquid Propane)
PGM-200-3 (Natural Gas)
Cleveland (2) 22CET3.1 (208V, 1 Phase)
Cleveland (2) 22CET3.1 (208V, 3 Phase)
Cleveland (2) 22CET3.1 (240V, 1 Phase)
Cleveland (2) 22CET3.1 (240V, 3 Phase)
Cleveland (2) 22CET6.1 (208V, 1 Phase)
Cleveland (2) 22CET6.1 (208V, 3 Phase)
Cleveland (2) 22CET6.1 (240V, 1 Phase)
Cleveland (2) 22CET6.1 (240V, 3 Phase)
Cleveland (2) 22CGT33.1 (Liquid Propane)
Cleveland (2) 22CGT33.1 (Natural Gas)
Cleveland (2) 22CGT63.1 (Liquid Propane)
Cleveland (2) 22CGT63.1 (Natural Gas)
Cleveland (2) 22CGT66.1 (Liquid Propane)
Cleveland (2) 22CGT66.1 (Natural Gas)
Cleveland (2)1SCEMCS 208/1
Cleveland (2)1SCEMCS 208/3
Cleveland (2)1SCEMCS 240/1
Cleveland (2)1SCEMCS 240/3
Cleveland (2)1SCEMCS 440/4803
Cleveland 1SCE (208V, 1 Phase)
Cleveland 1SCE (208V, 3 Phase)
Cleveland 1SCE (240V, 1 Phase)
Cleveland 1SCE (240V, 3 Phase)
Cleveland 1SCE 440/4803
Cleveland 1SCEMCS ( 208V)
Cleveland 1SCEMCS (240V)
Cleveland 1SCEMCS 208/3
Cleveland 1SCEMCS 240/1
Cleveland 1SCEMCS 440/4803
Cleveland 2-21CET8 208/1
Cleveland 2-22CET33.1 440/4803
Cleveland 2-22CET63.1 208/1
Cleveland 2-22CET63.1 208/3
Cleveland 2-22CET63.1 240/1
Cleveland 2-22CET63.1 240/3
Cleveland 2-22CET63.1 440/4803
Cleveland 2-22CET66.1 440/4803
Cleveland 21CET16 ( 208V)
Cleveland 21CET16 (240V)
Cleveland 21CET16 440/4803
Cleveland 21CET8 (208V, 1 Phase)
Cleveland 21CET8 (208V, 3 Phase)
Cleveland 21CET8 (240V, 1 Phase)
Cleveland 21CET8 (240V, 3 Phase)
Cleveland 21CET8 440/4803
Cleveland 21CGA5 (Liquid Propane)
Cleveland 21CGA5 (Natural Gas)
Cleveland 22CET3.1 (208V, 1 Phase)
Cleveland 22CET3.1 (208V, 3 Phase)
Cleveland 22CET3.1 (240V, 1 Phase)
Cleveland 22CET3.1 (240V, 3 Phase)
Cleveland 22CET3.1 440/4803
Cleveland 22CET6.1 (208V, 1 Phase)
Cleveland 22CET6.1 (208V, 3 Phase)
Cleveland 22CET6.1 (240V, 1 Phase)
Cleveland 22CET6.1 (240V, 3 Phase)
Cleveland 22CET6.1 440/4803
Cleveland 22CGT3.1 (Liquid Propane)
Cleveland 22CGT3.1 (Natural Gas)
Cleveland 22CGT6.1 (Liquid Propane)
Cleveland 22CGT6.1 (Natural Gas)
Cleveland 22CT6 208/2403
Cleveland 22CT6 440/4803
Cleveland 22CT6H 208/2401
Cleveland 24-CEM-24 (208V)
Cleveland 24-CEM-24 (240V)
Cleveland 24-CGA-10.2 (Liquid Propane)
Cleveland 24-CGA-10.2 (Natural Gas)
Cleveland 24-CGM-200 (Liquid Propane)
Cleveland 24-CGM-200 (Natural Gas)
Cleveland 24-CGP-10 (Liquid Propane)
Cleveland 24-CGP-10 (Natural Gas)
Cleveland 24CEA10 (208V)
Cleveland 24CEA10 (240V)
Cleveland 24CEA10 440/4803
Cleveland 24CEM24 440/4803
Cleveland 24CGA10 (Liquid Propane)
Cleveland 24CGA10 (Natural Gas)
Cleveland 24CGA10.2ES (Liquid Propane)
Cleveland 24CGA10.2ES (Natural Gas)
Cleveland 24CGA6.2S (Liquid Propane)
Cleveland 24CGA6.2S (Natural Gas)
Cleveland 36-CGM-16-300 (Liquid Propane)
Cleveland 36-CGM-16-300 (Natural Gas)
Cleveland 36-CGM-300 (Liquid Propane)
Cleveland 36-CGM-300 (Natural Gas)
Cleveland PEM-24-2 (208V, 3 Phase)
Cleveland PEM-24-2 (240V, 3 Phase)
Cleveland PEM-24-3 (208V, 3 Phase)
Cleveland PEM-24-3 (240V, 3 Phase)
Cleveland PGM-300-2 (Liquid Propane)
Cleveland PGM-300-2 (Natural Gas)
Cleveland PGM-300-3 (Liquid Propane)
Cleveland PGM-300-3 (Natural Gas)
Metro 461M1830FBRA
Metro 461MBCHR1836
Metro 461MBCPR1836
Metro 461MSSPR1848
Metro 461MVEG1836
Vulcan C24DA10
Vulcan C24DA6
Vulcan C24EA3-1200 POWERSTEAM
Vulcan C24EA3-1300 LWE
Vulcan C24EA3-PLUS
Vulcan C24EA5-1100 PLUS
Vulcan C24EA5-1200 POWERSTEAM
Vulcan C24EA5-1300 LWE
Vulcan C24EO3-1
Vulcan C24EO3AF-1100 208/1
Vulcan C24EO3AF-1100 208/3
Vulcan C24EO3AF-1100 240/1
Vulcan C24EO3AF-1100 240/3
Vulcan C24EO5-1
Vulcan C24EO5-2
Vulcan C24EO5AF-1100 208/1
Vulcan C24EO5AF-1100 208/3
Vulcan C24EO5AF-1100 240/1
Vulcan C24EO5AF-1100 240/3
Vulcan C24ET10
Vulcan C24ET10 LWE 208/3
Vulcan C24ET10 LWE 240/3
Vulcan C24ET10-PS
Vulcan C24ET6
Vulcan C24ET6 LWE 208/3
Vulcan C24ET6 LWE 240/3
Vulcan C24ET6-PS
Vulcan C24GA10 PS LP
Vulcan C24GA10 PS NAT
Vulcan C24GA10-BSC-LP
Vulcan C24GA10-BSC-NAT
Vulcan C24GA6 PS LP
Vulcan C24GA6 PS NAT
Vulcan C24GA6-BSC-LP
Vulcan C24GA6-BSC-NAT

Equivalent Items 

Royal Industries ROY STP 2002
Thunder Group STPA3002
Update International NJP-1002
Winco SPJM-102

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4.8 stars from 143 reviews


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Customer Reviews

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1 out of 1 found this review helpful

These 2 1/2" pans are a great addition to use in Cater Gator. They are strong, and a great size for the smaller sides hot and cold in our catering business.

Susan T. from Mary Turner on 09/27/2018
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

Do you steam table pans are fantastic their bill from great quality and we have many uses for them we also cook our lasagna in them .

Ciro D. from Dinardis Pizza&Pasta on 05/22/2018

This 2 1/2" steam table pan works wonderfully. It is a little shallow for how I typically dye my yarn which is why I own mostly 4" deep pans. I would imagine this pan would be perfect for a multitude of cooking applications though. It sits nicely in the other deeper pans that I own.

Jeffrey S. from Yarny Mammoth on 06/07/2022

These pans have been great for us. They work well in our well system. We love the fact that they come at a great price point.

Jaspaul from Refresh House LLC on 12/25/2021

Bought 6 of them and they are very nice and sturdy! Delivery was fast and the box came in good condition. I was a little worried of the quality based on the price but once I received it, it looks great!

Iveliz J. from MFG Aspire on 02/11/2021

I've wanted larger pans to work with for a long time. I was thrilled to get these pans because they are the perfect size for my large family, and they are easy to clean. I've never liked non-stick pans. It is nice to work only with a metal one because I don't have to worry about getting debree in my food.

Amy from Tackleberry Solutions on 01/29/2021

Solid pans that are light enough to carry easily when full but heavy enough to not warp or bend. Perfect size for what I need.

Amy P. from Peeples Baking on 01/05/2021

Bought several of them since we smoke pulled pork bites and briskets. One brisket fits in one and we can fit 2 pulled pork a in one.

Yadira H. on 09/06/2020

Very nice pan for the price. Exactly as expected. I use this for transferring meat from my smoker to a steam tables. The pan is also very easy to clean.

Tj W. on 07/10/2020

This size is just right, the quality is very good, and it is easy to clean. I'm going to buy it again. Recommend people to buy this product.

Dan C. from Poke Bar on 07/09/2020

Excellent pan to use when I BBQ. If I’m taking a pan to friends house for get togethers I use the lid while transporting. Easy to clean up and store until next use.

Sherman H. on 06/25/2020

This steam table pan is the right tool for the job. It doesn't jam, its easy to remove and install, and it cleans easily. This is the right pan for the job.

Jonathan W. on 03/27/2020

Very good quality stainless steel food pan. It is very sturdy and very economical. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality for such a reasonable price.

Eloise C. on 01/21/2020

VERY STURDY PAN! We use these to bake and also in our chafing dishes. They hold up extremely well to both extreme heat and extreme cold. Easy to clean.

Mark F. from The Food Factory on 01/07/2020

For the price these pans are great. We have a cafeteria style restaurant and we use this size to place the meat on since it isn't as deep. They are also perfect to hold prepped food in the fridge.

Joseph S. from Rincon Del Sabor on 12/30/2019

The quality of these 2.5 inch full size pans was perfect for the heavy use we will put them through. Our only complaint is that they do jam quite a bit - But that's not a problem for us.

Victor R. from M&Co Hospitality LLC on 12/01/2019

This choice full size deep anti jam stainless steel steam table hotel pan is perfect our catering needs. Many different sizes available, made from quality material.

Neal K. on 11/22/2019

I haven't touched my glass casserole dishes since I got these. They're great for baking/cooking in. Oven safe and durable. Pretty easy to wash as long as you've got a big enough sink. The metal was pretty good quality and fairly thick but thin enough that they don't weigh a ton.

Alana B. on 10/30/2019

This is a great product for steam table. I use it for my sand which fridge and fits great! Just make sure to check if there are any dents when it’s received!

Helen G. from Somethin' Sweet on 10/13/2019

Love theses pans, they work very well when o have to feed a crowd either at church or even at home. Perfect for roasting large chickens.

Kisha L. on 10/12/2019

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