Oreck CK91010 HydroVac Cordless Commercial ScrubberOreck CK91010 HydroVac Cordless Commercial Scrubber


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Clean your carpeted hotel lobby, or shine the linoleum flooring in your camp dining hall with an auto scrubber. Designed to deliver ultimate power, these units feature deep cleaning capabilities, resulting in thoroughly cleaned floors that will leave any room feeling fresh. And, since users can simply walk behind the scrubber to operate and guide it, less strain will be put on their backs. If you’re looking for more cleaning supplies, check out our hard floor cleaning chemicals and polishes and disposable gloves. Don’t forget to also set out wet floor signs to warn guests of slippery surfaces. If you're wondering where to buy floor scrubbers and auto scrubbers, we have a large selection of floor scrubbers and auto scrubbers for sale at the lowest prices.