Disposable Plastic Barware and Cups

Disposable plastic barware and cups allow you to cater for an event without worrying about cleaning afterward.

Plastic Pitchers

Plastic pitchers are the perfect disposable option for serving beverages at parties and large gatherings.

Ice Bags

Use ice bags to bring a large quantity of ice to any event that you’re catering.

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Plastic Cocktail Shakers

Cater an event with quality cocktails by mixing them in our plastic cocktail shakers.

Plastic Cups and Lids

Minimize the need for post-party clean-up with the use of plastic cups and lids.

Paper Cups and Lids

Use paper cups and lids to offer a disposable option while still being eco-friendly.


Ensure that all of an event’s guests can enjoy their beverages with the use of our straws and stirrers.

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Coffee To Go Boxes / Beverage Bags

Conveniently transport foods to and from catered events with catering lunch boxes.

Bomb Shot Glasses

A unique 2-chamber design saves time to craft mixed drinks like jager bombs, cherry bombs, and melon bombs.

For a convenient catering solution, consider disposable beverage service supplies for your event. Our collection of plastic drinkware and paper cups are a lightweight option that’s easy to dispose of when the event is over. Disposable drinkware also offers a sanitary beverage option that reduces contact and the risk of cross-contamination. Check out our guide on safe event planning to learn more catering tips. To help with transporting supplies to your event, we also carry filter lugs and tote boxes and food pan carriers

Serve Drinks at Your Event with Catering Beverage Service Supplies

Disposable catering beverage supplies make it easy to provide safe, sanitary beverage service at your event. Using traditional glassware comes with its challenges when it comes to transportation to the venue. With convenient, lightweight disposable cups and barware, you eliminate the need to stack glass drinkware and you save your staff the time and labor it takes to load glass racks on the truck.

Single-use drinkware and beverage supplies also save time and labor when the event is over. Instead of loading up glass racks of soiled drinkware and transporting them back to your workspace to be cleaned, disposable beverage supplies can simply be tossed out or recycled. This is convenient and eliminates the risk of broken glasses, which can be a hazard at the venue and are also costly to replace.