Back Bar Coolers

Keep your best-selling canned drinks accessible, chilled, and secure with back bar coolers.

Undercounter Ice Machines

Save foot space and prep time by sliding an under-counter ice machine beneath your countertop.

Underbar Sinks

Hand rinse, wash, and sanitize your delicate beer and cocktail glasses in our commercial underbar sinks.

Glass Washer Machines

Keep your drinking glasses clean without sacrificing productivity by shopping from our selection of glass washer machines.

Ice Bins

Store pre-made ice in a safe and sanitary manner by shopping from our large selection of ice bins.

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Bottle Coolers

Whether you serve beer, soda, or water, keep your bottled beverages cold with our selection of bottle coolers.

Glass Washing / Polishing Machines

Ensure that your glasses are kept in the best possible condition by choosing from our selection of glass washers and polishers.

Commercial Juicers

Use a commercial juicer to elevate your cocktails with fresh juice without slowing down your service.

Glass Chillers and Frosters

Pre-chill your plates and glasses to improve your presentation by shopping from our selection of glass chillers and frosters.

Wine Refrigeration

Choose from commercial wine refrigerators with a variety of different features to highlight select bottles of wine while keeping them properly stored.

Corkscrews and Bottle Openers

Give your staff the proper tools to serve wine to your guests with our selection of corkscrews and bottle openers.

Running a successful bar requires specialized equipment in order to store and dispense your alcoholic beverages. Ice is another key component that helps you to prepare drinks, and we carry ice machines and ice bins that you need to keep up with ice production. Underbar sinks and glass washing machines are essential to managing your barware and ensuring you have enough clean glasses for every shift. While you’re stocking your bar, make sure to check out our beer glasses, cocktail glasses, and wine glasses.

Bar Equipment Allows You to Dispense Beer and Keep Beverages Chilled

With the right bar equipment, you can streamline your bar operation and expand your drink menu. We carry equipment that helps you to manage your ice supply, store chilled beverages, and clean your barware. Suitable for all types of bars, including pubs, breweries, and hotel bars, our selection of bar equipment is manufactured by trusted vendors.

Our bar blenders and commercial juicers help you to create signature cocktails, while our frozen cocktail machines make it easy to dispense blended drinks like daiquiris and pina coladas. To assist you with serving your guests, corkscrews and bottle openers quickly open bottles of wine and beer. If craft beer is your specialty, our beer dispensers hold kegs and dispense frothy, cold beer.