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Give Your Drink Menu a Boost of Flavor by Using Beverage Toppings and Add Ins

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Customize Your Beverage Service’s Flavors and Presentations with Our Beverage Toppings and Add-Ins

Enhance the flavor of coffee, smoothies, and other drinks with our selection of beverage toppings and add ins. Customers love to customize their orders, and these options allow them to choose from a wide variety of options. They are excellent to have in cafes, diners, and ice cream parlors.

Our beverage add ins are great for making coffee just the way your customers like their afternoon pick-me-ups. We carry a large selection of different kinds of honey, sugars, sweeteners, and creamers so your guest can add their preferred amount to their drink. Choose from our coffee toppings as well, such as baking chips and flavoring sauces, to complete those frappes and iced coffees to perfection.

Whether it is a cold beverage or hot drink, our beverage toppings and add ins can give them the boost customers are looking for. Additionally, we provide protein drink mixes and dietary supplements for health-conscious guests. You can find flavors including vanilla, chocolate, espresso, chai, and more. For related items, take a look at our supply of coffee stirrers and coffee straws, coffee condiment organizers, and countertop trash cans and trash bins.