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Whether you run a diner, cafe, or bakery, our selection of cakes and cupcakes are the perfect thing to display for guests looking for dessert.


Choosing from our selection of pies makes it easy to offer your customers several different flavors of the classic dessert.

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Offer your guests their choice of decadently-prepared desserts by offering cheesecake in your restaurant or bakery.

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Our selection of pastries includes cinnamon rolls, cannoli shells, and various doughs that make it easy to expand your pastry menu.

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Pudding combines delicious taste with easy preparation, making it an excellent addition to any dessert menu.

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We offer a large selection of desserts perfect for serving in a variety of commercial applications. The ready-to-serve design means you can feed residents or patrons faster without compromising quality. And because they’re premade, these desserts save time and effort in the kitchen and eliminate the need for specialized or costly equipment. Incorporate other premade foods into your food service operation including bulk honey, mints and candies, and cake mixes and cookie mixes.
How to Cut a Cake

How to Cut a Cake

Anyone who’s been in charge of cutting a cake knows that it can be a high-pressure situation. From ruining the appearance of your frosting to uneven sized slices, cutting a cake can sometimes be more stressful than actually making and decorating one. Luckily for you, we’ve provided an instructional video and step-by-step directions that show you how to cut a cake. How to Choose Your Knife For each cake, you’ll want to cut them with a slicing knife. However, you’ll want to use a different edge style for different cakes. For example, since delicate cakes, like pound or angel, have to be cut in a sawing motion, you’ll want to use a slicing knife with a serrated edge. The rest of the cakes listed below can be cut with a knife that has a smooth edge. How to Clean Your Knife No matter what kind of knife you’re using to cut your cake, it’s important that you properly clean your blade in between each cut. Not only does this preserve the finished appearance of your frosting, but it also makes it easier to make each cut. Before you begin cutting, briefly soak the blade of your knife in a container of warm water. It’s important that the water is warm as this can help with cutting into your cake. Then, wipe off the excess water with a towel. After you’ve made your first cut, you’ll want to dip the blade of your knife back into the water and move it around to remove any crumbs and frosting. Once again, take your towel and wipe off the blade. Step-by-Step Instructions How to Cut Delicate Cakes Since delicate cakes are usually sticky, it’s helpful to have the blade of your knife slightly wet and warm before your first cut. 1.Using a slicing knife with a serrated edge, cut into your cake in a sawing motion. 2. Determine the size of your slice of cake. 3. Again, gently saw into your cake. 4.Using the flat side of your blade, pick up your slice of cake from the bottom to serve. How to Cut Layered Cakes To avoid touching the cake with your hands, use a cake stand with a cutting board mat for grip. 1.Using a pie or cake marker, delicately place it on top of the cake. 2.This will leave marks behind that you will use as a guide for cutting. 3.Using a knife with a thin, long blade, press down into one of the marked lines. 4.Once the knife has gone all the way through, pull it away from the cake. 5.Then, take the knife and choose a line to the left or right of your first cut. 6.Again, press the knife down into the marked line and pull it away. 7.Slide a pie server under the bottom of the slice and serve. How to Cut Sheet Cakes To avoid touching the cake with your hands, use a cake stand with a cutting board mat for grip. 1.Using a knife with a long, thin blade, vertically cut your cake in half. 2.Then, vertically cut your halves in half, leaving you with four long sections. 3.Starting from either end of the cake, press the blade into the cake and pull it away. 4.Continue this until you have five slices from your one of your quarters. 5.Using the flat side of your blade, slide it under the bottom of your slice to serve. 6.Repeat steps 4, 5, and 6 for the remaining quarters. How to Cut Dense Cakes To avoid touching the cake with your hands, use a cake stand with a cutting board mat for grip. 1.Using a knife with a thin, long blade, cut your cake in half. 2.Next, cut your halves in half, leaving you with four equally sized sections. While we cut four, thin slices into each quarter, the size of the slices can be left up to your preference. 3.Begin cutting one of the quarters in half. 4.Press the blade down and pull away once you've reached the bottom of your cake. 5.Repeat the previous step on the remaining quarters. 6.Using the flat side of your blade, slide it under the bottom of your slice to serve. If you would like to get 16 slices from your cake, you can do so by cutting the halves from your quarters in half.

Choose a Dessert to Bring Sweet Flavors to Your Commercial Kitchen

From cakes to pies and everything in between, a decadent dessert is sure to hit the sweet spot with your customers. Not only do our premade desserts taste delicious, but they’re visually appealing as well. This makes them perfect for commanding attention in your dessert display case and increasing impulse sales.

These premade desserts are ideal for use in diners and restaurants, as well as larger operations such as assisted living homes, buffets, and medical facilities. Choose a preportioned cheesecake for quick serving, or select a whole cake and portion it out as needed. Whether you’re serving rice pudding or peanut butter pie, each dessert is made with care and contains quality ingredients you can feel good about serving.