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Choose a Dessert to Bring Sweet Flavors to Your Commercial Kitchen

From cakes to pies and everything in between, a decadent dessert is sure to hit the sweet spot with your customers. Not only do our premade desserts taste delicious, but they’re visually appealing as well. This makes them perfect for commanding attention in your dessert display case and increasing impulse sales.

These premade desserts are ideal for use in diners and restaurants, as well as larger operations such as assisted living homes, buffets, and medical facilities. Choose a preportioned cheesecake for quick serving, or select a whole cake and portion it out as needed. Whether you’re serving rice pudding or peanut butter pie, each dessert is made with care and contains quality ingredients you can feel good about serving.

We offer a large selection of desserts perfect for serving in a variety of commercial applications. The ready-to-serve design means you can feed residents or patrons faster without compromising quality. And because they’re premade, these desserts save time and effort in the kitchen and eliminate the need for specialized or costly equipment. Incorporate other premade foods into your food service operation including bulk honey, mints and candies, and cake mixes and cookie mixes.