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Avantco 178PICB25331 13 inch x 1 inch Divider Bar


Turbo Air S722500112 12 1/2 inch Divider Bar


Turbo Air M722500105 Divider Bar


Turbo Air S2860A0100 6 5/8 inch Divider Bar


Turbo Air S272500111 3 5/8 inch Divider Bar


All Points 26-3369 12 5/8 inch Adapter Bar


Beverage-Air 11B30S019CBC Divider


Beverage-Air 28D40-066C04 Pan Support W/Tab


Delfield 000-AHE-0030-S Mullion Assy


Delfield 0302174-S Mullion,Drawer,4432n


Delfield 263-BEUTOM6G-S Adapter,H-Bar,Chipotl


Delfield 372-018-003J-S Divider,Bar,Drw,27


Delfield BM000415-S Bar,Adapter,1.50x26.00


Delfield BM000416-S Bar,Adapter,1.25x27.78


Duke 260221 Pan Divider


Glastender 11000108 Divider Bar


Glastender IBD-H-A Ice Bin Divider


Perlick 64823R Mullion


Perlick 66551 Mullion Assy


Perlick 66927-2 Vertical Partition


Perlick C25539 Mullion Assy


Randell PH BAR012 Adapter Bar 12-5/16 In


Randell PH BAR0505 ADAPTER BAR, 12-1/2in


Randell PH BAR2175 Adapter Bar


Randell PH PAN002 Sauce Pan Insert


Randell RP BAR069 Tray Holder 12 inch


Randell RP BAR07K Adapter Support 20 inch


Randell RP BAR1102 Adapter Bar


Randell RP BAR1201 ADAPTER BAR 12.71 in


Randell RP BAR1204 Adapter Bar


Randell RP BAR1325 S/S Bar Adapter


Randell RP BRK025 Pan Rail Bracket


Randell RP MUL007 Mullion, Rp Mod007a


Randell RP MUL027 Center Mullion


Silver King 25567 Space Bar; Short


Silver King 28726 Adapter


Silver King 35102 Pan Support


Silver King 43702 Side Pan Supports


Traulsen 7000204 Adapter Bar, Horz 12


Traulsen 701-61258-00 Adapter Bar 20 In


Traulsen 701-61258-01 Adapter Bar 12 In


Traulsen 701-61258-09 Adapter Bar


Traulsen 701-61325-00 Vertical Adapter Bar


Traulsen 8700226 Pan Divider Tb


True Refrigeration 873156 Mullion; Horizontal

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True Refrigeration 883837 Mullion 39 3/4 X 3 1/4

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True Refrigeration 908461 Mullion Assy

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True Refrigeration 962994 Mullion

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Victory 01372823 Front Pan Support Rail


Victory 01396001 Pan Support Rail, Rear


Victory 09351301 Support
Victory 09351301 Support

Item #: HP09351301



Victory 09365902 Divider Bar


Victory 09366801 Adapter Bar, 21 inch


If you have a salad bar or prep station in your deli, pizzeria, restaurant, or cafe, then these refrigeration pan divider bars are essential accessories for you. Whether you’re looking for replacements for your worn or broken bars, or you want to stock up on extras to keep readily available, we have you covered. Choose from components of various widths and lengths to find the options compatible with your unit. For other great items, check out our refrigeration cutting boards, steam table food pans, and plastic food pans. If you're wondering where to buy refrigeration pan divider bars, we have a large selection of refrigeration pan divider bars for sale at the lowest prices.