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All Points 56-1329 Expansion Valve - R-134a


APW Wyott 1905550 Cap Tube
APW Wyott 1905550 Cap Tube

Item #: HP1905550


Bally 753957 Expansion Valve


Beverage-Air 18-0365-00 Crankcase Valve


Beverage-Air 19B30S044D Cap Tube Assembly


Beverage-Air 203-039A-- Cap Tube


Beverage-Air 203-041A-- Cap Tube


Beverage-Air 203-043A-- Cap Tube


Beverage-Air 203-056A-A Cap Tube .042x120


Beverage-Air 203-109A Cap Tube .042 X 6


Beverage-Air 203-110A Cap Tube


Beverage-Air 203-116A Cap Tube


Beverage-Air 203-117A Capillary Tube


Beverage-Air 203-124A Cap Tube 120 X .054id


Beverage-Air 203-127A Cap Tube


Beverage-Air 203-129A Cap Tube


Beverage-Air 203-131A Cap Tube Assy


Beverage-Air 203-132A Cap Tube


Beverage-Air 203-133A Cap Tube


Beverage-Air 203-140A Cap Tube


Beverage-Air 203-150D Cap Tube .049 X 108


Beverage-Air 20B35S037CAA Cap Tube/Su


Beverage-Air 20B35S075D Suc/Cap Tube Assy


Beverage-Air 303-121A Expansion Valve


Beverage-Air 303-131A Valve
Beverage-Air 303-131A Valve

Item #: HP303131A


Beverage-Air 303-133A Exp Valve


Beverage-Air 303-134A Expansion Valve


Beverage-Air 303-135A Expansion Valve


Beverage-Air 303-164D Expansion Valve


Beverage-Air 303-166D Expansion Valve


Beverage-Air 303-176D Expansion Valve


Beverage-Air 303-186D Expansion Valve


Beverage-Air 303-188D Expansion Valve


Beverage-Air 303-190D Exp Valve


Beverage-Air 303-191D Expansion Valve


Beverage-Air 6131000120 Cap Tube


Carter-Hoffmann 18614-0080 Exp Valve


Carter-Hoffmann 18614-0085 Txv
Carter-Hoffmann 18614-0085 Txv

Item #: HP186140085


Continental Refrigerator 40751 Valve


Continental Refrigerator 40770 Exp Valve


Continental Refrigerator 40779 Exp Valve


Continental Refrigerator 4-725 Cap Tube


Continental Refrigerator 4-726 Cap Tube


Continental Refrigerator 4-728 Cap Tube


Continental Refrigerator 4-768 Cap Tube


Continental Refrigerator 4-772 Cap Tube


Continental Refrigerator 4-773 Cap Tube


Continental Refrigerator 4-797 Cap Tube


Delfield 0074057-S Tubing Cap 0.044 Id X 144 inch


Delfield 0074130-S Tube,Capillary,4400n


Delfield 0074131-S Tube,Capillary,4448


Delfield 3234204 Valve,Auto Fill


Delfield 3516041 Valve,Solenoid,1/4odf,


Delfield 3516061 Valve, Exp, R134a,Frz,


Delfield 3516062 Valve, Exp, R134a,Rfg,


Delfield 3516084 Valve,Exp,1/2ton,R-404a


Delfield 3516127 Valve,Exp,R12,Ref,1/3


Delfield 3516151 Valve,Exp,1-Ton,R-404a


Delfield 3516193 Regulator,Pressure,1/2


Delfield 3516224 Valve,Exp,R22,Ref,1/4


Delfield 3516225 Valve,Exp,Frz,1/4ton


Delfield 3516244 Valve,Exp,R22,Refr,1/4


Delfield 3516271 Valve,Exp,R404a,Frz,1/4


Delfield 3516273 Valve,Exp,R404a,Ref,1/4


Delfield 3516316 Valve,Exp,R404a,1/4-C,


Delfield 3516394 Valve,Exp,R404a,Med,1/8t


Delfield 3516396 Valve,Exp,R404a,Low,1/8t


Delfield 3516415 Valve,Solenoid,Danfoss


Delfield 3547702-S Cap Tube .036 X 122 Inches


While some of these refrigeration expansion valves are designed for use in specific products, others are universal parts that work with any unit. These items are also made of durable materials like copper, which ensures they’ll last for years to come. Whether you own a cafeteria, restaurant, or diner, expansion valves are a must-have part that will keep your cold equipment running well and reduce the likelihood of spoiled food. For related products, check out our countertop freezers, bar back coolers, and school milk coolers. If you're wondering where to buy capillary tubes and expansion valves, we have a large selection of capillary tubes and expansion valves for sale at the lowest prices.