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  • 100 precise temperature settings for superior control
  • Temperature range of 80 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 90% energy efficient
  • Quiet fan for unobtrusive front-of-house operation
  • Works with pans with a bottom diameter of up to 10 1/4"
Quality Rating:
UPC Code: 00029419376407

The Vollrath Mirage Pro 59500P countertop induction range cooker operates with impressive power and efficiency.

With induction technology, this mobile range from Vollrath offers cool, efficient, and safe cooking while eliminating the need for an open flame. This, along with its sleek design, make it perfect for front-of-house use, whether for a made-to-order omelet station or for an exciting demonstration. It even boasts exceptional temperature control and features the widest temperature range in the industry. Attractive, efficient, and easy to operate, this induction range is unrivaled in overall performance and versatility.

  • NSF Listed

    NSF Listed

    This item meets the standards imposed by NSF International, which focuses on public safety, health, and the environment.

  • UL US & Canada

    UL US & Canada

    This item has been tested and meets safety standards imposed by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for use in the United States of America and Canada.

  • FCC Compliant

    FCC Compliant

    This item has been verified or certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and will not cause harmful emissions.

  • 5-15P


    This unit comes with a NEMA 5-15P plug.

Superior Energy Efficiency

The Vollrath Mirage Pro boasts an impressive 90% efficiency rating, which keeps the surrounding area cool and energy costs low. It does this by creating friction between the cooking surface and the bottom of an induction-ready pot or pan. This energy is transferred to the cookware and product, unlike other cooking technology where energy escapes into the air. The range works with induction-ready pots and pans with a bottom diameter of up to 10 1/4".

Precise Temperature Control

This unit features a cutting-edge dial control with 100 precise temperature settings. These settings range from 80 to 400 degree Fahrenheit, giving plenty of flexibility for a wide variety of cooking applications. Since it can reach below 90 degree Fahrenheit, it can even temper chocolate, perfect for bakeries and confectioneries! Plus, with a unique G4 engine, the unit features four switches to power the unit instead of just one, increasing durability and maximizing operator control.

Extra-Quiet Fan

Unlike competing ranges, this range is built with an extra-quiet fan to reduce the noise of operation. It's perfect for front-of-house applications, as it won't disturb your patrons.

Easy to Operate

A convenient 180 minute timer function helps keep track of cooking times, while a bright LED digital readout is easy to see while monitoring the cooking process.

Attractive Design

Ideal for front-of-house applications, this compact range features a sleek, low-profile case that provides a more natural cooking height. Plus, the case is made of 18 gauge stainless steel with a 360 degree design, making the unit attractive on both the operator and customer sides. The cooking surface is even made of durable ceramic for longevity. No matter how you turn it, the unit lends a long-lasting, stylish appeal to your cooking area.

Customer Q&A Ask a Question

Can this induction range handle any pan capacity?
Most induction ranges do not have specified weight or pan capacities. The key to ensuring your range works properly and does not get damaged by too much weight is to use a pan with a bottom diameter that does not exceed the burner's diameter. Using a larger pan or pot, such as a stock pot, will lessen the effectiveness of the range and the quality of your food.

Watch More Videos

Vollrath Mirage Induction

Did you know that induction is a safer way to cook than with traditional methods? With no flame and with no heating element, induction is, as Chef Rich says, "really the way to go." Find out more about induction and the Vollrath mirage induction unit with this brief, informational video.

Vollrath Mirage Pro vs. Mirage Cadet

This video will help you learn the main differences between Vollrath's Mirage Pro and Mirage Cadet induction cookers. Basic functions and features are also covered.

Vollrath Induction Technology

Watch this quick video to learn how Vollrath's induction technology works! An electric current creates magnetic fields that heat up the cookware, making it efficient and precise.

Welcome to Vollrath University. I'm Chef Rich, and we're here today to talk about mirage induction. But first, let's just talk a little bit about how induction works. Okay, induction uses electromagnetic energy to create a vibration between the molecules in the pan itself. The induction units themselves do not create any heat; they don't get hot, they don't have any heat, there's no heating elements or flames used. 100% of the heat is created in the pan itself. So as I said, there's this electromagnetic energy that causes the molecules in the pan to vibrate, much in the same way when we're cold, we rub our hands together to create fiction and to create heat.... That's exactly the way induction works. This unit, the mirage unit... we'll talk a little bit about the controls. We have 100 power level settings, okay? We can also cook by temperature. The temperature range on this unit is 60 to 210 degrees Celsius. Again, we have 100 power level controls, and that's really important as you want to get into that very precise control. Precise control for low-end applications, and also precise control for very high heat applications. Okay? So let's just go ahead and demonstrate this unit today by cooking a little chicken marsala. Now, we didn't talk about a couple other things about induction, one being very little emissions. So, you know, depending on your municipality, you may or may not need this unit to be under a hood. In some municipalities you can get by without this unit being in a hood. Why would someone want to use induction? Induction is safer. Just by the way, we talked about it already... that it doesn't have any open flames or heating elements. The units never really ever get hot. The heat is generated in the pan, so they are much safer to use. Induction does require for the cookware to be magnetic. Simply the bottom of the cookware has to be a magnetic surface to allow those molecules to be excited by the electromagnetic energy that the unit's producing. Also induction... you can see this unit... really cool on the outside here again... you don't have much heat loss coming out, so again, the hood.... Also, look at this how nice this is if you're doing front of the house cooking. Front of the house or back of the house is a perfect location for induction. Alright, so there you have it, a very classic chicken marsala. Mirage induction. Again, a perfect range for front or back of the house cooking. All the tight control you have with (1) 100 power settings, or temperature settings. Mirage induction, really the way to go. If you have any questions about the mirage unit, please see us online at vollrath.com, and for Rich's recipe on the chicken marsala, please visit us at vollrathuniversity.com.

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Richard: Welcome to Vollrath University, Vollrath's education center for the food service industry. My name is Richard Rupp and today I have with me, John Wojcik, the director of equipment marketing here at Vollrath. Today we're going to talk about induction cooking, and we have two models that John will talk to you a little about the features and benefits, and a little later we'll show you some uses for these two models. John: Hello. Today we'll be talking about new products from Vollrath, the new Mirage Pro and the new Mirage Cadet. At Vollrath we feature in-house design, in-house development, and in-house manufacturing, which ensures the highest quality products in the induction industry. In addition, we partner with top customers, top chefs, and top culinary schools to put together the proper specs to make this a practical food service piece of equipment. Let me tell you about the new Mirage Pro. The new Mirage Pro features the new G4 engine. The G4 engine has four IGBTs or four switches which gives it incredible temperature control and incredible durability, so durable that there's a two year warranty on this product. The way that the unit works is you turn the unit on. The display will say, add pan. So you would add an induction-ready pan to it, it'll sense the pan and then you'll actually see a value. This value is the temperature which is 80 degrees Fahrenheit. We've increased the range to the lower range of 80 degrees for tempering chocolate or for actually keeping chocolate warm. It also has a timer that you can actually very quickly turn the temperature up or down, a rotary timer with indents so that it actually is a very high quality feel and it's easy to turn quickly. When you take the pan off, it'll say, add pan again. A unique new feature to this is if you have a non-induction ready pan, which is an aluminum pan, place the pan on the unit and it'll immediately say, bad pan, indicating that this is not an induction-ready unit. So some nice new features for the new Mirage Pro, including the new G4 engine with a two year warranty. Now let's talk about the new Mirage Cadet. The Mirage Cadet has a new G1 engine, which has one IGBT. It's a more limited feature item than the Mirage Pro. You actually have, if you turn the unit on, you have 20 settings versus 100. You don't have a rotary knob. You basically have up, down, push button control. So this is going to be used for more limited menu items, like an omelet station. Something that doesn't require all the cooking techniques of the Mirage Pro.

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Here's how it works. An electric current creates alternating magnetic fields. These fields push against the molecules in the cookware, heating only the cookware and its contents, making it more accurate and efficient. Also making it safer, because the surface does not generate heat. Vollrath. Outperform everyday.

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Overall Dimensions:
  • Width: 14 Inches
  • Depth: 15.25 Inches
  • Height: 3 Inches
Cooking Surface Dimensions:
  • Diameter: 10 1/4 Inches

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Vollrath 59500P

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Warranty Info

RESIDENTIAL USERS: Vendor assumes no liability for parts or labor coverage for component failure or other damages resulting from installation in non-commercial or residential applications. The right is reserved to deny shipment for residential usage; if this occurs, you will be notified as soon as possible.

Customer Reviews

  • Overall User Rating: Vollrath 59500P Mirage Pro Countertop Induction Cooker - 120V, 1800W

    4.9 stars from 20 reviews


    People Talk About:

    pan temp heat induction units power temperature cooking unit Vollrath
    4 out of 4 found this review helpful
    Engineering type review. Used 6 months. Temps measured on 5 units. This company has great customer service. I have appreciated their patience. This is a really nice cooker. Ihave used mine for about 6 months, and have experience with other brand units. The power settings are flawless. 100 steps! And spin knob control. Heats a frypan with a couple cups of water to subcool boiling in about 30= 40 seconds using a 8" Vollrath inductuction frypan. The bubble pan bottom pattern shows a relatively large coil, about 6 inches. Very efficient units. They do get hot. Wok style cooking where the pan is heated hot and oil is poured around the pan, then food is dumped in to cool the pan below smoke temp works great with these. Preferred way to fry. They get hot. Fast. All induction units with a pan sensor under the ceramic/glass top have temp overshoot. The pan gets hotter than the sensor for awhile because it takes time for heat to conduct from the pan, heat up the glass which takes time and then heat the sensor. It takes 2 to 3 minutes overall. Meanwhile the pan bottom energized by the coil is heating away. Once the overshoot is over and the sensor is heated to the pan bottom teperature it holds accurately, But during the overshoot forst 3 minute time it is easy to smoke oil when frying unless using the wok technique. You can heat up the glass to boiling and heat the pan, but this doesn't elimintate temp overshoot smoking corn oil Hold it for a couple minutes to let the glass heat. Works well below boiling point to minimize overshoot. At fry temps you get enough overshoot to seariously (pun intended) heat the pan and smoke oil if you try to heat the oil first slowly to temp then fry food. The wok method works better with these. Or keep a dry pan, no oil and heat it first for to frying temp for 3 min to heat the glass. The initial temp peak overshoot for about 1-3 minutes then pan cools to steady state temp setting at pan content rate. At fry temps the overshoot hits about 540 degrees F. Do not put paper towel under the pan or parchement paper to "protect" the ceramic as some have suggested on other sites. It chars. Parchemnt paper is only rated to 400-425 degrees. Even on power settings har can can accidently happen. Be safe. No paper or conbustable under the pan. None needed. And paper under the pan renders the temp control mode useless since it doesn't conduct heat to the glass and sensor well. The temp control works well if you view the temp scale not as an absolute acurate temperature setting but as a relative temperature number. Viewed this way there are 20 temperature settings between 80 degrees and frying temperature 340-360. THIS IS TWICE AS MANY AS MOST COMPETING UNITS in this commercial class price range. There are additional settings above this temperature, maybe 10-14. The steady state temp hold temperature is above the dial setting with little difference at low temps and increasing temp offset at higher temps. I suggest measuring the steady state temps for one of your favorite pans produced by the relative dial settings and you will be in ballpark for your other ferritic pans. Just realize frying temperatures 340-360F pan temperature for deep fat pan frying is reached with 240=260 dial units. Measure your unit once with your favorite fry pan and remember the post overshoot fry temp range. Maybe better to heat the pan using a known power setting that bring your pan and oil to close to frying temp, then if you want switch to temp control. You can set the temp too high or too low in power mode, but you don't get the temperature overshoot in power mode. I noticed new units in the department store in Bangkok were power mode only. But I find this limiting, once I understood about the temp overshoot and how to minimize its effects. This Vollrath induction cooker is very convenient. Handsome. Lots of heat fast. Has a good feel. And it is responsive in steady state temperature mode or power mode. It has nosed its way into my preferred item to cook. The temp steps are wide for serious sous vide being 10-15 degrees from 80F through boiling range. Holds a heavy pan or induction pan bottom at constant temp well with temp variation less than I oan measure. I bought two different Vollrath pans one for general sauce pan and soup and one for frying and like them a lot too. It also heats my cast iron skillets equally fast. I like this so much, I am looking for another used one, just to have another which is a good recommendation. When you get tired of the inexpensive Chinese units with wide steps for power and maybe no temp mode or limited temp steps as I did and want something better, I recommend GET ONE OF THESE! Read Less Read More
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    Great product. This is a work horse and as our company has been in business for one month I am now adding a second unit.
    1 out of 1 found this review helpful
    Solid piece of equipment. We have been using ours for almost three years without a single issue. Has a larger area that heats the pan than some of the other low- to mid-tier models which is nice. Used daily to make sauces and saute vegetables.
    I absolutely loved this Vollrath 59500P for the 8 or so years I used it in a residence. The small increments of adjustment and the range starting at 80 degrees was EXTREMELY appreciated and made control of stocks/broths a breeze with relatively exact temperature control. It did gets lots of use compared to an average home and I liked it so much I tried to order a replacement, and will try again today. I would have given it 6 stars if it was still operational.
    Originally purchased the 59500F but preferred this unit because you could adjust the heat just how you want it. The other unit only had set increments which didn't work out. We purchased two of the 59500P Mirage Pro's in May 2017 and had been very happy with them until December 2020 when one of them stopped working. The dial does not adjust the heat anymore. These were used mostly for heating pasta sauces to order and boiling water to cook pasta on prep days. I don't know if I should expect more or these units are just not expected to last as long as more expensive/higher output ones. In any case, we are going to order a replacement of the same make and model.
    Best induction cooker I have ever had, I have gone through dozens. Last one i used was Waring which was good but not even close the Vollrath. The temperature control is extremely precise. So precise I have used it for sous vide proteins! Two things I wouldn't of thought of that I like is the dial temp control is very fast to use and the best is unit is very, very quit in operation AND NO BEEPING SOUND WHEN YOU CHANGE SETTINGS!
    The Vollrath mirage pro is an exceptional cooking tool. The 100 levels of power and 5 degree increments of temperature control allow me to cook with the sort of precision that an electric (or even gas) burner just can't come close to. It is sturdy, works well, and boils water wonderfully quickly. A few uses, and I am already spoiled.
    REALLY love the Vollrath Induction Cooker! Wow, I wish I had known about induction cooking long ago. Far and away better than gas, in my opinion. The unit stays cool, as well as the handles of the cookware being used. The body of a saucepan will be hot to the touch, but it's not very likely that one would be touching that, anyway! The only negative that I can see for some would be that induction only works with certain kinds of cookware. But, to me, it's worth making the change!
    This induction cooker is perfect for an extra burner with all the advantages that induction provides. I created steam in a 40 quart lobster pot in minutes. Maintains a slow simmer perfectly for hours. Response to changes in heat levels is immediate, both up and down. Don't want to be without one.
    I purchased the Vollrath Mirage Pro 59500P and am very satisfied with the culinary results that I have been able to achieve with this remarkable device. It is a very powerful cooking device and cooks very fast. Caution should be exercised in cooking at maximum 100 percent output as at this level some cookware can sustain damage. Blue discoloration in the bottom of a stainless steel pan is an indicator that you had the power at too high a level for this particular piece of cookware. Proceed gradually and do some testing to understand the limits of this incredible piece of technology.
    These are great induction burners and Vollrath customer service is great. I thought there was an issue with the display at one time but it turned out to be fine and Vollrath was ready to replace the unit if needed.
    What a great alternative to the gas/butane power countertop burners! Great for keeping items on a low and steady heat! Nice for tempering chocolate! Nice price!!!
    This is much better than the regular home units. It is particularly good for tempering chocolate and boiling pasta. It boils a pot of water in half the time as my 12000 btu gas burner. Small pans sometimes have trouble with it, but that is a minor issue.
    Love this induction stove. This is my second induction type counter stove. It heats very fast and cools pretty quickly as well. I like that it only stays on when stainless steel is on it, and shuts off by itself. I make soups, sandwiches, pretty much all of my savory menu on it.
    I recently started cooking Thai, Indian, and Mexican. I really enjoy cooking but don't like having cooking smells inside the house. I was planning on spending a lot on a high-quality propane camping stove but thank goodness I heard about counter-top induction burners. I use this burner now for everyday cooking and hardly ever use the gas cooktop anymore. This product is not cheap but its a great value since it is solidly constructed and a lot less than other units I considered from Viking or All-Clad. It heats up much faster than a gas burner and the dial gives you instantaneous control of the temp level. You can have the dial read temperature in Celsius, Farenheit, or on a scale from 1 - 100. The only problem I have had in the two months of use is that the LED display went out a couple weeks ago. I called Vollrath customer service and they emailed me a form to fill out. Soon after I faxed the form back in, a new one was shipped out to me via UPS. I packed up the old unit in the box from the replacement unit, and UPS picked it up at my house for return shipment at no cost to me. It was refreshing to have such a problem-free customer service experience. I am extremely pleased with the induction technology and Vollrath as a company. Read Less Read More
    This is my first introduction to induction cooking and couldn't be more satisfied. After reading reviews I knew that I would be unsatisfied with others, either limited adjustments or quality issues. Saved a lot of money over the top end Viking burner-take that! After I moved to my new condo loft with all wonderful windows(24) and unfortunately solar gain, additional heat from the electric stove wasn't very unappealing to me. Also I'm a gas user so this is more than a substitute. But my stainless steel cookware were not all appropriate - had to purchase some to make up. Strange, won't work w/my 1 quart Le Creuset but ok with the 4 1/2 soup pot. If there is an improvement, I'd say include a timer feature, otherwise...good quality, looks good too! Like the dial for instant dial down/up!
    I recently Purchased 2 Vollrath Mirage 59500 countertop induction cookers & Case from The WEBstaurant Store,Not only was I Happy with how great Meagan & Jimmy were on the live chat, reasonable PRICE. )But also how quickly & Safely they arrived. I had gone to a local high end appliance dealer locally after putting a deposit down on a Thermador and seeing the feedback was anywhere from a 2, to -5, I realized commercial was the way to go.These 2 Induction units will be side by side on the Granite island in my kitchen,moved when used for a warming system during the holidays or to use for a party.These are the best choice as If something goes wrong with a burner,simply send the single unit out.Otherwise you would have to send out the complete tabletop stove and have nothing in the mean time. I plan on purchasing one more soon. ALSO...In an emergency, 1 can be hooked to a generator and not blow the fuse! Think about it...hot food/heat. not bad. Highly recomended
    I bought this burner for cooking outdoors while RVing. I read reviews of less expensive units having small or uneven hot areas and not being adjustable enough. After more research I spent twice as much as I planned and couldn't be happier. This thing is amazing! 100 to 400 degrees in 10 degree increments almost instantly. 12 inch fry pan was heated perfectly evenly. Build quality was excellent. I'm so happy with this burner I'm using it on my counter at home instead of my old ceramic topped range. I can't imagine how to improve this product. It's perfect and well worth the money.
    Quiet and powerful. This unit replaced a less expensive commonly found unit when shopping for induction cooktops. This one cooks evenly using a 12 inch griddle the other unit had trouble with a 10 inch griddle. Love the control you get with the power dial. Heats pan up fast and doesn't heat up the kitchen.
    this item is a real wow. quality construction and innovative design. It's fast, responsive and totally adjustable. Other induction units have maybe 10 settings. This one allows you to set a temperature, or turn a dial and have 100 PRECISE settings as a percentage of power. Fast, more responsive to changes in settings than a gas burner and totally accurate. It has immediately become my favorite cooking heat source. electric burners were hotter, gas more adjustable, this unit does both better faster AND it doesn't heat up the kitchen.

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