Universal Nolin

Universal Nolin Refrigeration Parts

High-Quality Universal Nolin Parts and Accessories Keep Your Equipment Running Smoothly

Universal Nolin is owned by National Refrigeration Products (NRP), which is a leading manufacturer of cold storage equipment. NRP is based in Langhorne, PA, and their refrigerant recovery and recycling equipment is used in businesses around the country. Whether you run a buffet, cafeteria, or grocery store, Universal Nolin has the parts and equipment you need. Read more

Universal Nolin offers a wide range replacement parts and accessories for their equipment. Refrigeration gaskets keep your doors tightly sealed to preserve food safe temperatures, while replacement lighting allows employees to clearly view the contents of your freezers. Best of all, Universal Nolin refrigeration parts are sold at low prices that allow you to keep your cold equipment maintained without exceeding your budget.

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Refrigeration Compressors

Universal Nolin Refrigeration Compressors

Universal Nolin refrigeration compressors run constantly and are designed to push refrigerant vapors into the coils on the outside of the refrigerator.

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Refrigeration Defrost and Drain System Parts

Universal Nolin Refrigeration Defrost and Drain System Parts

Versatile Universal Nolin refrigeration defrost and drain system parts include hardware and tubes to keep your cold equipment functioning properly.

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Refrigeration Lighting

Universal Nolin Refrigeration Lighting

Use affordable replacement Universal Nolin refrigeration lighting to keep the contents of your cold equipment easy to view at a glance or during inventory.

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Commercial Refrigeration Fan Blades and Motors

Universal Nolin Commercial Refrigeration Fan Blades and Motors

High-quality Universal Nolin commercial refrigeration fan blades and motors are designed to circulate cold air in your cooler or freezer.

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