Shop Carlisle Food Storage Containers

Carlisle Food Storage Containers

Organize your commercial kitchen’s storeroom, refrigerator, and freezer with Carlisle food storage containers.

Shop Carlisle Plastic Food Pans

Carlisle Plastic Food Pans

Store prepared food and ingredients in Carlisle plastic food pans to keep your refrigerator and buffet tables clean and organized.

Shop Carlisle Food Pan Carriers

Carlisle Food Pan Carriers

Easily transport and maintain food's temperature with Carlisle food pan carriers.

Shop Carlisle Commercial Brooms

Carlisle Commercial Brooms

Maintain clean floors in high-traffic businesses with Carlisle heavy-duty commercial brooms.

Shop Carlisle Floor Squeegees, Scrapers, & Brushes

Carlisle Floor Squeegees, Scrapers, & Brushes

Clean up dust, crumbs, and spills on your floor with our Carlisle floor squeegees, scrapers, and brushes.

Shop Carlisle Glass Racks, Cup Racks, and Extenders

Carlisle Glass Racks, Cup Racks, and Extenders

Safely store and organize your clean glassware by choosing from our selection of Carlisle glass racks.

Shop Carlisle Food Storage Boxes and Covers

Carlisle Food Storage Boxes and Covers

Carlisle food storage boxes keep ingredients fresh and safely organized in your walk in refrigerator or dry storage.

Shop Carlisle Plastic Tumblers

Carlisle Plastic Tumblers

Our Carlisle tumblers are durable and break-resistant, making them ideal for high-volume eateries.

Shop Carlisle Insulated Beverage Dispensers

Carlisle Insulated Beverage Dispensers

Keep beverages at the perfect serving temperature with Carlisle insulated beverage dispensers.

Shop Carlisle Melamine Plates

Carlisle Melamine Plates

Use light-weight, break-resistant Carlisle melamine plates to serve signature dishes in your restaurant.

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A Food Service Products Manufacturer That Provides Professional Products at Affordable Prices

Carlisle is a name that has stood for quality, innovation and value since the 1970's. With a wide variety of products like containers, cookware, dispensers, dinnerware, janitorial and warewashing equipment, serving supplies, and much more, Carlisle is dedicated to designing and making professional grade products with versatility and durability in mind.

Carlisle Foodservice Products provides the industry with top quality products for every area of the restaurant. Plastic food containers for the prep areas, Carlisle tongs and other kitchen hand tools and cookware for the kitchen, melamine dinnerware for tabletop service, and insulated beverage dispensers for catering events are just a few of the top products that Carlisle is known for! Add their tableware and innovative warewashing rack and glass rack systems, and Carlisle has your restaurant covered for everything you need to give your guests a memorable dining experience!