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Regal Spice is a relatively new vendor to the restaurant industry, but their dedication to customer satisfaction and affordable, quality products has made them a rising star. They are dedicated to selling premium spices and supplies at wholesale prices so that they can fit into any restaurant's budget. Read more

Regal Spice not only offers the typical ground spices, but also whole spice and toppings, rounding out their product catalog to make them relevant to almost any foodservice business. They even offer soup bases so restaurants can quickly whip up popular soups and add their own ingredients and spin to it.

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Granulated Spices

Regal Spice Granulated Spices

Add that special tang or flavor to your most common and delicious recipes with Regal Spice granulated spices. Choose from a wide variety of options!

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Seed Spices

Regal Spice Seed Spices

Regal Spice seed spices add delicious flavor and satisfying texture to your baked goods, like cakes, breads, bagels, pastries, and cookies.

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Spice Blends

Regal Spice Spice Blends

Consisting of specialized combinations of different seasonings, Regal Spice spice blends are ideal for anything from seafood recipes to Cajun-style food!

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Whole Spices

Regal Spice Whole Spices

Regal Spice whole spices can be used as ingredients in recipes and sachet d’epices or as garnishes for fully-prepared drinks, desserts, and entrees.

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