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Ultrasource Has a Long History of Building High-Quality Equipment

Ultrasource started out in 1883 in Kansas City selling butchers’ tools and equipment, but they quickly expanded into refrigeration when they realized how the meat industry was changing. The company has remained flexible, responding to the needs of an ever-changing market and inventing new and creative products. Additionally, since the beginning, Ultrasource has been dedicated to using only the highest-quality materials and conducting rigorous tests on all of their products. Read more

Ultrasource strives to innovate, and they have been awarded numerous U.S. patents for their inventive packaging and processing equipment. They offer a variety of products for the meat, seafood, and produce industries, such as processing, vacuuming, and labeling equipment. Additionally, you can use Ultrasource equipment parts to fix broken or malfunctioning pieces on your equipment.

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