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Tecumseh got their beginning in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1937, when they created the first hermetically-sealed compressor that could be used in a commercial setting. They also helped to invent the first window air conditioning unit in 1947, which was powered by their products. Over the years, they have perfected their motors, and now you can find Tecumseh compressors in a variety of air conditioning and refrigeration units. Read more

Hermetically-sealed compressors are components in machines where the motor and compressor are integrated. Unlike open compressors, these hermetically-sealed components are housed in closed containers that prevent gas from leaking out and require little to no maintenance, making them a cost-effective choice. In addition to motors and compressors, you can use Tecumseh refrigeration parts for repairing your refrigerators and freezers.

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Refrigeration Compressors

Tecumseh Refrigeration Compressors

Use Tecumseh refrigeration compressors to power your refrigerators and freezers and keep cold air flowing in.

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Contactors and Relays

Tecumseh Contactors and Relays

Change the incoming electrical current to a voltage that is usable by your equipment with Tecumseh contactors and relays.

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