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Commercial Microwaves

Cut down on reheat time with the help of Solwave commercial microwaves in your kitchen for everyday use.

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Ameri-Series Commercial Microwaves

Use Solwave's Ameri-Series commercial microwaves for your restaurant's heavy-duty reheating needs.

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Ameri-Series Commercial Steamers

Use Solwave Ameri-Series commercial steamers to steam vegetables to perfection.

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Affordable and Durable Microwaves for Any Commercial Kitchen

Solwave is relatively new to the foodservice industry with the goal of supplying restaurateurs and other proprietors with durable kitchen appliances that can fit nearly any budget. Their dedication to quality is the driving force behind their products, making them some of the best on the market.

Solwave manufactures commercial grade microwaves that are at home in nearly any setting, from the typical restaurant to a bustling cafeteria. They're all designed to be easy to use with intuitive controls, ensuring that even your brand new employees can start using it right away.