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Original Sauce

Add rich flavors to your grilled chicken and ribs recipes by using Smokehouse 220 original barbecue sauce.

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Applewood Smoked Bacon Sauce

Create memorable signature recipes with the unique flavors of Smokehouse 220 applewood bacon barbecue sauce.

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Honey Bourbon Sauce

Use Smokehouse 220 honey bourbon barbecue sauce to put a new spin on your bar's wings recipe.

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Smoky Sauce

Achieve smoky flavors without the use of a smoker by using Smokehouse 220 select hickory smoked barbecue sauce.

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Smoked Black Pepper Sauce

Smokehouse 220 smoked black pepper barbecue sauce provides a zesty flavor to your barbecued meats.

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Chipotle Honey Sauce

Stock up on Smokehouse 220 chipotle honey barbecue sauce for the perfect balance of sweet and heat.

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Sweet and Spicy Sauce

Spruce up your marinade with the exciting flavor of Smokehouse 220 sweet and spicy barbecue sauce.

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Sweet and Smoky Sauce

Use Smokehouse 220 sweet and smoky barbecue sauce for an enticing flavor profile on your menu.

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Smokehouse 220 Sauces Are Slow-Smoked for an Authentic Barbecue Flavor

Ventura Foods is dedicated to providing custom food solutions for foodservice establishments. Founded in 1996, Ventura Foods is known for their supreme customer service and high-quality products. Smokehouse 220 Sauces, a Ventura Foods brand, is famous for their slow-smoked sauces that add authentic value and taste to any barbecue meal.

Smokehouse 220 sauces are an excellent addition to any steakhouse, BBQ joint, or restaurant that serves barbecue items. With sweet and savory options, you can choose from a variety of Smokehouse 220 BBQ and steak sauces for your signature dishes. Smokehouse220 BBQ sauces are made without artificial flavors or preservatives, and they boast a wood-smoke flavor that guests will love.