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Signature Breads Bakery Products Offer a Fresh, European-Style Taste

Since the 1980s, Signature Breads has been crafting European-style bread for restaurants, dining halls, and cafes. In 2006, the parent company of Signature Breads wanted to sell its bakeries, which would leave hundreds of people out of work. As a result, employees took it upon themselves to rally finances and succeeded. Today the company continues operating as an employee-owned bakery that is proud to serve customers in all 50 states. Read more

Whether you own a cafe or restaurant, Signature Breads bakery products are a fresh-tasting addition to your menu. Create sandwiches, or serve this bread with soup and salad to make a hearty meal. No matter which Signature Breads bakery products you choose, they will provide your guests with the kind of high-quality taste that they will love.