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Trust OTL Orion Refrigeration Parts for Your Restaurant’s Maintenance and Repairs

A trusted name in the foodservice industry, OTL Orion has over 50 years of experience manufacturing reliable refrigeration units. With a specialty in producing premium Italian-designed display cases, the company is proud to offer units that are both elegant and functional. OTL Orion has a team of highly qualified engineers, designers, and innovators working or creating products that are reliable for their clients and visually pleasing for their clients’ customers. Read more

Stock up on durable OTL Orion refrigeration parts for the units in your ice cream parlor, deli, or diner. Their parts are made in state-of-the-art facilities, using innovative methods to ensure excellent performance and high quality. Reduce the time it takes to perform simple repairs by having these OTL Orion refrigeration parts in your establishment so you can get back to displaying your signature gelato and treats.