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Maintain a Clean Workplace with Microban Products

Founded in 1984, Microban aims to set the industry standard for antimicrobial and odor-control technologies. With a mission to deliver peace of mind to their customers, they work to redefine cleaning products and what they do. By emphasizing innovation and focusing their attention on the right technologies, they’ve been able to produce products that leave a lasting impact on the industry. Read more

Microban products allow you to maintain a safe and sanitary workplace. Their selection of bathroom cleaners are designed to provide 24 hour protection, eliminating bacteria even after multiple touches. Additionally, they offer 3-in-1 cleaners that sanitize, disinfect, and eliminate odor.

Microban Surface Sanitizing and Disinfecting Chemicals

Microban Surface Sanitizing and Disinfecting Chemicals

Microban surface sanitizing and disinfecting chemicals are designed to offer 24-hour bacteria protection and 7 days of anti-fungal protection on hard surfaces.

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