LightFry Commercial Fryers

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Upgrade Your Methods, Not Your Menu, with LightFry Commercial Fryers

LightFry is the invention of Swedish technology and production innovator, EatGood Sweden AB, headquartered in Boras. EatGood’s partners distribute LightFry worldwide. Rather than demanding people change their habits and tastes, EatGood Sweden develops technology and products that provide healthy ways to cook beloved foods. Their LightFry oven combines steam cooking and warm air drying to fry food without oil or fat. Read more

LightFry commercial fryers have provided foodservice operators with a safer, cheaper, and healthier oil frying alternative since 2006. The respected HB Specialty Foods brand distributes LightFry USA. Since 1994, HB Specialty foods has delivered creative solutions and superior results to restaurateurs. LightFry commercial fryers fit right into HB Specialty Foods’ vision to create healthier, smarter, and better food products for a better future.