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Guinness Cheddar Products Combine the World-Famous Taste of Guinness Beer with Classic English Cheddar

As the most famous beer producers in the world, the Guinness brand hardly needs an introduction. Their award-winning beer is infused into classic English cheddar to give the world a lovingly labored cheese that's the best of England and Ireland combined. From culturing the milk to sealing off each wheel with the iconic black wax coating, Guinness Cheddar products are created to be the star of the show on your cheese plate or charcuterie board. Read more

Producing a rich, malty, and bold cheese means sourcing locally made milk, carefully watching every step of the cheesemaking process, and specifically maturing each cheese to bring out its unique flavor. Crafted in the picturesque countryside of Somerset, this Guinness cheddar falls in line with the ideal quality of handmade artisan items that are common in this area. Find out why Guinness Cheddar products remain unlike any other.