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Offer Authentic, Plant-Based Seafood on Your Menu with Good Catch Products

Good Catch offers chef-driven, plant-based seafood products that are made with a protein-packed, 6-legume blend to give an authentic texture and taste. Their products are vegan, vegetarian, plant-based, and dairy-free, and are never made with GMO ingredients, palm oil, canola oil, artificial flavors, or hydrogenated fats. Choose from a variety of options, like breaded fish fillets, fish sticks, breaded crab cakes, and even salmon burgers, to provide guests with plant-based alternatives to their favorite menu items. Read more

Good Catch products were created with ocean health and conservancy in mind and help to provide seafood options for consumers that won’t negatively impact the environment. Their vegan products are also mercury-free and shellfish-free to ensure they are suitable for a variety of diets. Good Catch products make it simple to offer delicious seafood alternatives that help reduce your impact on the environment and protect marine ecosystems.