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Elevate Your Cocktail Menu with the Help of Dr.inkers’ Choice Products

Dr.inkers’ Choice was inspired by the work of Patrick Inkers, a sought-after bartender in the Prohibition-era who earned the nickname of the “The Doctor” for concocting strong cocktails with moonshine and mixers to bring his community together. Crafting high-quality mixers that are made in the USA, Dr.inkers’ Choice aims to cultivate that same spirit of community, one delicious cocktail at a time. Their products are made with all-natural, non-GMO ingredients to deliver fresh, great-tasting flavors to your cocktails and mocktails. Read more

Dr.inkers’ Choice products are an ideal addition to cocktail bars, upscale restaurants, and speakeasies. Craft distinguished cocktails and beverages with their variety of mixers, including a classic club soda, lime tonic water, and ginger beer. Featuring a visually pleasing label to match the quality of the contents inside, the presence of Dr.inkers’ Choice bottles on your shelves is sure to enhance the overall look of your bar’s presentation.