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Dansko Shoes Reduce the Stress on Your Employees’ Feet

Founded in 1990, Dankso started when a husband and wife team were inspired by European-style clogs and decided to manufacture them in the United States. They started by giving a few pairs to their friends, but word of their shoes spread, and they eventually started their own business, which has since grown into a nationwide operation. Today, Dansko’s mission is to provide their customers with shoes that are comfortable but also stylish. Read more

Dansko is best known for their clogs, but they also offer a wide selection of other types of shoes, so you’ll easily be able to find a style that fits your needs. Dankso shoes are comfortable and offer excellent support, which makes them ideal choices for restaurant employees that are on their feet all day. You can find options that are perfect for chefs as well as classier options that are ideal for your wait staff.