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CenSea Shrimp

Choose peeled, deveined CenSea shrimp for shrimp cocktail and shell-on varieties for peel-and-eat dishes.

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CenSea Fish

Our selection of frozen CenSea fish filets are skinless and boneless to help save you preparation time.

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CenSea Scallops

Tender CenSea scallops are frozen to preserve their natural freshness and delicate texture when cooked.

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CenSea Crab

Use succulent CenSea crab meat to create delicious Maryland crab soup, crab pretzels, or crab cakes.

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CenSea Lobster and Crawfish

Serve up buttery New England lobster rolls or a spicy Cajun crawdad boil with CenSea lobster and crawfish.

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CenSea Specialty Seafood

With CenSea specialty seafood products you can add unique dishes like frog legs, squid, and octopus to your menu.

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Find Sustainable Seafood Options From CenSea Seafood

Founded in 1960, CenSea has grown to become one of the largest providers of frozen seafood products in the United States. Their company is dedicated to promoting the long-term health of our planet through sustainable, renewable, and traceable methods of harvesting seafood. As a family owned business, CenSea makes sure to engage suppliers, employees, and customers about the long-term benefits of sustainable seafood.

CenSea seafood offers delicious and sustainable products to serve in your restaurant, bar, or pub. Some of their frozen shrimp comes pre-cooked and pre-peeled, which helps to save prep time as you cook. Additionally, some of their scallops are individually frozen, which is ideal for preserving their fresh flavor.