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C Cretors & Company Popcorn Products Have Set the Industry Standard since 1893

C Cretors & Company invented the first commercial popcorn machine in 1893, and the popcorn concession industry was born. Continuing their path of innovation, C Cretors & Company developed some of the first concession food trucks in the United States, the first candy coated popcorn equipment, and the largest working popcorn machine. Possessing over 80 unique patents, C Cretors & Company now boasts a broad range of concession equipment ranging from modernized popcorn makers to nacho cheese warmers and chip merchandisers. Read more

C Cretors & Company popcorn products are all 100% American manufactured. They adapt their equipment to incorporate modern technologies and customer feedback, making quality the hallmark of C Cretors and Company. They remain a family-owned business that has provided jobs to the Chicago area for over 100 years.