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Butterball Products Are an Excellent Addition to Your Menu Any Time of the Year

Butterball is an internationally recognized name as one of the largest producers of turkey in the world, with over a billion pounds of turkey sold annually. The Butterball brand began in the 1940s as a joint venture between several meat producing companies, but the business became a separate entity in 2006. In addition to their high-quality and fresh turkey products, Butterball is known for their Turkey Talk-Line, which is a number that customers can call for help with cooking their turkey on Thanksgiving. Read more

While many people associate Butterball products with residential sectors, they also offer a variety of products you can use in commercial foodservice. For example, they offer turkey breast, whole turkey, turkey sausage, turkey bacon, and many other products. Best of all, many Butterball products are butchered and prepped, cutting down on valuable prep time in your busy kitchen.