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Meat Slicers

Use our Backyard Pro meat slicers to create consistent slices of deli meats, cured meats, and vegetables.

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Electric Meat Saws

Take the hard work out of cutting through tough meat and bone with a Backyard Pro electric meat saw.

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Meat Grinders

A meat grinder from Backyard Pro helps you add fresh ground sausages and burger patties to the menu.

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Start making your own jerky from beef, poultry, or even seafood with a Backyard Pro Butcher Series dehydrator.

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Sausage Stuffers

Try a Backyard Pro sausage stuffer and start making perfectly packed links of bratwurst, chorizo, or kielbasa.

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Meat Tenderizers

Improve the texture of your meats and make them easier to slice and eat with a Backyard Pro meat tenderizer.

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Meat Mixers

Blend ground meats together or create mixtures with mushrooms and other vegetables with a Backyard Pro meat mixer.

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Manual Meat Saws

A manual meat saw from Backyard Pro allows you to cut through large portions of meat and bone.

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Meat your expectations with the Butcher Series

A trusted manufacturer of outdoor foodservice equipment, Backyard Pro has created the Butcher Series brand to provide specialized meat processing equipment to butchers, delis, and steakhouses. Butcher Series equipment is the perfect addition to Backyard Pro’s existing catalog of outdoor grills, smokers, and gas stoves. As the Backyard Pro brand has grown, their commitment to quality and customer service still remains a top priority.The Backyard Pro Butcher Series includes high quality meat processing equipment that allows operators to slice deli meats, prepare steaks and chops, and grind fresh hamburger. Perfect for butchers and delis, Butcher Series equipment is capable of slicing through meat and bone. Backyard Pro Butcher Series equipment is designed for safe and efficient use in commercial foodservice kitchens.