Fair Trade Certified and Allergen Friendly, Artisan Kettle Products Create Sustainable Chocolate for Consumers

Artisan Kettle is on a mission to make the best tasting chocolate. Produced under suitable, fair wages and grown organically, Artisan kettle chocolate is made with a high respect for Mother Nature. Grown organically with Fair Trade Certification, Artisan Kettle finishes the creation of their chocolates in their top-of-the-line facility, ensuring minimal processing to maintain the bean's terroir.

All of their cacao is grown on small family farms in South America, empowering each farmer to obtain living wages and grow their cacao plants naturally and organically. Artisan Kettle products are created with top-quality ingredients to craft their chocolate, including organic cocoa butter, organic cane sugar, and real vanilla. Their line of chocolate chips range from extra dark to a rich white, allowing your creative pastry team to craft desserts for every guest's taste.