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Armour-Eckrich Meats Have Been an American Staple for Over 100 Years

Armour-Eckrich is a brand of Smithfield Foods, one of the largest suppliers of pig and pork products in the world. Armour-Eckrich originated as two separate family-owned businesses, both of which were based in the meat processing and smoking business. Both companies were known for their high-quality products that were made with the best ingredients available, which still applies to the brand today. Read more

There is a large range of Armour-Eckrich meats, and you can use them in a variety of settings from residential to commercial. The company has a wide selection of lunch and deli meats, like salami, sausages, and smoked meats. You can use Armour-Eckrich meats on subs, in deli sandwiches, in pasta, or as part of a charcuterie board.