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Give Your Sandwiches and Burgers a Unique Twist by Using All Twisted Pretzel Products

Founded in 2004, All Twisted Pretzel is a manufacturer of pretzels and pretzel rolls for commercial businesses. The business originally produced mall-style soft pretzels for fundraising purposes, but they shifted into the foodservice industry as interest in their tasty pretzels grew. Today, you can find All Twisted Pretzel products in many different foodservice settings ranging from delis and restaurants to microbreweries and grocery stores. Read more

Whether you’re looking to add a unique new deli sandwich to your menu or you want to spruce up your appetizer menu, All Twisted Pretzel products are the perfect choice. The company has a wide variety of products, such as pretzel rolls, sticks, nuggets, twists, and much more. Best of all, All Twisted Pretzel products are made with high-quality ingredients, which gives them balanced and wholesome flavors.