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Ajinomoto Butcher Boy Frozen Food

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Serve Delicious Appetizers with Ajinomoto Butcher Boy Frozen Foods

Ajinomoto Butcher Boy is one of the world’s largest providers of appetizers and umami food products. Their parent company, Ajinomoto, was founded in Japan in 1909 with a vision to improve the health and nutrition of the Japanese people. Since then, they’ve grown to employ over 2,800 employees worldwide and focused on their mission to provide every customer with healthy food options. Read more

Ajinomoto Butcher Boy frozen foods strive to combine attention to detail with the best ingredients and procedures, creating a delicious final product. Their selection of frozen appetizers come fully cooked, saving your staff valuable time. Furthermore, their frozen appetizers can be purchased in bulk, allowing you to stock up on frozen foods as you see fit.