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  • Features impingement, microwave, and radiant cooking technology
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Holds 72 programmed recipe settings
  • Built-in self-diagnostics
  • Smart Voltage Sensor Technology automatically detects and adjusts to proper voltage
  • Includes a wide variety of accessories
  • Total cooking power output: 1600-1700W
  • 208/240V
TurboChef Tornado: Setting Up Your Oven

TurboChef Tornado: Setting Up Your Oven

Congratulations on your TurboChef Tornado oven purchase. This DVD is meant to be a supplement to your owner's manual, so please refer to it throughout the setup process and be sure to keep it on hand for future reference. It's filled with a vast amount of useful information. We're sure you're anxious to get your oven up and running, so let's get started. We think you'll be pleased on just how easy this is going to be. Upon delivery, remove the oven from the shipping carton. The oven weights 190 pounds so you'll need some assistance. Always lift from the left and right of the oven, never from the front and rear, and especially from the door handle to avoid damage and/or injury. Please the oven on a countertop surface at least 30" deep and capable of supporting at least 200 pounds. Remove the tape, and remove and observe the caution label. After the oven is in place, remove all the other accessories and literature from the shipping carton. In it you'll find an aluminum paddle, oven clearner, oven guard, two trigger sprayers and two Teflon baskets. Then, open the oven door and remove all packaging material inside the oven. Be sure to fill out the warranty activation card to take full advantage of the manufacturer's warranty. Once the oven is properly positioned on the counter, and all packaging materials are removed, plug the oven into the appropriate receptacle. To make cleaning your oven easier, we recommend you lightly coat the interior of the oven cavity and the inside of the door panel with TurboChef oven guard, which is included with your oven. Simply spray oven guard on a towel and wipe down the interior of the oven, and inside the door panel. It's important to not have any puddles or excess guard in the bottom of the oven cavity. Install the oven rack by sliding the wire rack onto the support shelves. And that's it, the inside of your oven is set up and ready to go. Now let's get you acquainted with your control panel. This is the display. It displays operation and editing information. These are the soft keys. Eight oval keys used for different functions depending on what is shown next to the button when the display is on. These are the arrow keys. They're used to access the edit mode and also to move between screens. This is the stop key. Press to stop a cook cycle. This is the numeric keypad. It's used to enter data into edit mode, and also to manually input cook times. This is the back key. It's used to move to a previous screen in the operation and edit modes, as well as to turn the oven off. This is the enter key. It's used to save edited information. Now that you're familiar with the keypad, press oven on. The oven will begin to warm up to it's predefined cook temperature. When the warm up cycle has completed, the oven will beep and display the ready state. Once the oven is warmed up, you're all set up and ready to cook with your new TurboChef Tornado oven. In the next section of the DVD, we'll discuss oven programming. If you need more assistance on getting started, please refer to the cooking instructions section of your owner's manual. Also, in that section you'll see a step-by-step guide and useful tips on editing and customizing recipes, as well as creating your own. If you should need assistance at any time, don't hesitate to to call us at 800-90TURBO, or +1 214-379-6000. Or email [email protected] We'll be glad to help you with your specific needs over the phone or through email. Again, congratulations on your Tornado oven purchase. We're sure you'll enjoy the advantages of our patented rapid cook technology.

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This video will help you through the process of setting up your TurboChef Tornado oven, which features cooking capabilities of up to 12 times faster than traditional cooking equipment!

TurboChef Tornado Maintenance

TurboChef Tornado Maintenance

This video is for the daily maintenance of your Tornado oven. To begin, make sure that the oven is in the off position and it is cool. It should be nice and cool inside. The bottom plate fits on snugly, so grasp it on both sides, give it a tug, and it'll pull right off. Next, we will open the oven cavity and remove the configuration. This is the raised rack configuration. We will start by removing the stone and placing it off to the side. The rack then lifts up and out of the cavity. The second configuration is what we call the recessed rack configuration. To remove this, just grab the metal rack and pull it out, but be careful not to damage the stone. The third configuration is the rack only and you can simply pull the rack out. To clean the stone, don't submerse it in water or use any liquids because it has the potential to get into the stone as it is porous and can crack. Use a dull scraper and gently scrape some of the debris off. Be careful not to apply too much pressure because you could crack the stone. To clean the interior of the oven, use a damp cloth and TurboChef oven cleaner. Spray the cleaner onto the cloth and wipe down the surfaces. The inside wave lifts up. Be careful not to apply pressure where the wave element caps. Instead, clean in between and around it. Once you've wiped down all the surfaces, allow the cleaner to penetrate the surfaces for about five minutes. After five minutes, stubborn stains can be taken off with a coarse cleaning pad. Go over all of the surfaces and lift up the wave element again, being careful not to go near the caps. If there's anything on the caps, wipe them off gently with no pressure. After a cleaning, take a second damp towel and wipe down all of the surfaces to ensure that you remove the cleaner and any debris out of the oven. When your oven is clean and dry, use the TurboChef guard and apply it to a damp cloth. The guard will be applied to all the surfaces and will help prevent stains. Once you're done, you can reassemble the unit. Reassemble with your recessed rack configuration. Notice that the wire rack has a bend on one of the sides. The bend needs to be toward the front. Simply slide in in and push it into place. Then, you can take the stone and slide it on top. To reassemble with the rack only configuration, make sure that the rack goes into the oven and that it is on the two tabs in the back. For the raised rack configuration, slide it in and let it rest. Place the stone on the rack and then close the oven door. To replace the bottom panel, there are four tabs. You must align them up and push it back into place. To finish, grab another clean towel and spray some stainless steel polish on it. You can wipe it over the exterior surface and make it shine. It'll look brand new and ready to roll!

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Maintain your TurboChef Tornado with these easy steps! When you're finished, your oven will be clean and look brand new.

Turbochef Tornado: Programming

Turbochef Tornado: Programming

Now let me show you how to access the programming and edit mode in a tornado oven. With the oven in the off position, you're going to hit both arrows together, and the code number, which in this case is 3 then enter. Be sure to ask your manager for permission to make changes and your code number. It's going to show me the oven-set temperature of 500 degrees. Am I happy with that? Yes, I don't want to make any changes. Hit enter.

We're in our edit screen. Let's take a look at something we've already cooked, a sandwich. Here is the word sandwich. If I wish to change that, by using the keypad like a telephone, type in the new word. Arrow down. If I wish to change the item, use the keypad and arrow down. This is the number of times we've cooked a sandwich in this oven. If you wish to zero that out, I hit zero, and I'm done. Arrow down. Every time I'm looking for this little blinking cursor. We're at 45 seconds. I'm going to change the time. Forty-five seconds was a little too long for our sandwich, I'm going to make it 40. All I do is hit 4-0 and arrow down.

Now I'm at the IR element. This temperature ranges from 500 to 1150 degrees depending on how much bottom heat you want. I'm happy at 1050. I'm going to leave it and arrow down. Now I'm in my cooking events. Our oven allows us up to six different cooking events for each individual item. Here is our time percentage column, our air column, and our wave column. If you're cooking something that's very dense or frozen, you want to start out with a lot of wave and low air. As the product cooks, you reduce the wave, rest out from the wave, and increase the air, allowing for browning and crisping. I am happy with this setting. Here we have two cooking events. I don't want to make any more changes. I'm going to hit save, and we're done. Now to get our oven, back to its normal operating mode, I'm going to hit the back key all the way out until the oven says off. Turn the oven on, and we're done.

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In this video, Chef Steve Crellin explains how to program the Turbochef Tornado oven. Although all of its controls can seem confusing at first, once mastered, the Turbochef Tornado oven will be your best friend in the kitchen!

Turbochef Tornado: Daily Maintenance

Turbochef Tornado: Daily Maintenance

The best way to ensure that your oven will continue to function at a high level is to clean and maintain it daily. Only use Turbochef oven cleaner to avoid damaging oven components and voiding the warranty. Protective eyewear, rubber gloves, oven cleaner, water, a nylon scrub pad, and a cleaning towel are all you'll need to clean your oven. To begin, you'll need to turn the oven off by pressing the "back" key. The oven will then begin to cool down. This will take approximately 90 minutes. Do not attempt to clean the oven while it's cooling down. The oven operates at 500 degrees Fahrenheit and may cause injury if not allowed to cool properly. Next, make sure the interior of the oven has cooled and then take out the wire rack. Now, the wire rack can be washed, rinsed, and sanitized. Next, you're going to lift the IR element, but make sure it's totally cooled down to avoid injury. Use a damp towel to remove any large particles from the oven. Then spray the oven cleaner on the three walls and on the inside of the door. Allow it to penetrate for five minutes. Be sure never to saturate the bottom of the oven with oven cleaner or water. Using your nylon scrub pad, clean the oven door and cavity. Do not spray cleaner directly on the top and bottom of the oven. Instead, spray the cleaner on a damp towel and apply manually. Next, wipe down the oven door, the cavity, and the element with a damp towel. For more stubborn spots, use a non-metallic scrubbing sponge. Spray water sparingly into the oven to rinse the cleaner out. Next, wipe the area on the outside of the oven where the lower access panel is located, however do not spray any chemical in this area. We recommend you apply a light coat of Turbochef Oven Guard to the interior cavity and the inside of the door panel. Simply spray Oven Guard on a towel and wipe down the interior of the oven and inside the door panel. It is important not to have any excess puddles or excess Guard in the bottom of the oven cavity. And that's it, you're done cleaning the inside of the oven, so lower the bottom element, replace the wire rack by sliding it onto the support shelves, and then replace the lower access panel. Lastly, wipe down the oven exterior with a clean, damp towel. Now, the oven is ready to be turned on and ready to be put back to work.

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If you want to keep your Turbochef Tornado oven in top-quality condition, then daily maintenance and cleaning is a must! This video gives brief, step-by-step instructions on how to clean every part of your oven.

TurboChef NGC-1280-1 Specs
Width 26 Inches
Depth 25 4/5 Inches
Height 23 Inches
Interior Width 15 1/2 Inches
Interior Depth 14 7/10 Inches
Interior Height 8 Inches
Amps 30 Amps
Hertz 60 Hertz
Phase 1 Phase
Voltage 208/240
Wattage 1,600 - 1,700 Watts
Application Maximum Performance
Capacity 1.05 cu. ft.
Control Type Digital
Cooking Surface Area 228 Square Inches
Features Fits Quarter Size Pans

Heating Source Microwave, Impinged Convection, & Radiant
Made in America Yes
NSF Listed Yes
Power Type Electric
Stackable Yes
Type Rapid Cook Ovens

TurboChef NGC-1280-1 Details

Toast, brown, and crisp food up to twelve times faster than traditional cooking methods with this TurboChef Tornado 2 high-speed commercial convection microwave oven! By using a combination of impingement and microwave cooking technology, this compact model allows for on-demand cooking without the space, energy, and food-holding requirements of a larger oven. Whether you need to do something simple like melt the cheese on a sandwich or reheat entrees, or even if you'd like to cook full chicken breasts, this unit is sure to get the job done!

Thanks to the integral catalytic converter system, this oven is able to quickly produce delicious food without the need for a large, expensive hood system. This effectively makes installation a breeze while providing a fine solution for operations where space is at a premium such as concession stands, food kiosks, convenience stores, and delis. It features a smart menu system that holds 128 programmed recipe settings for easy, efficient use. For added convenience, this unit comes with a collection of useful accessories to get you started! They include an aluminum paddle, a bottle of oven cleaner, a bottle of oven guard, 2 trigger sprayers, and 2 PTFE baskets. To help ensure long-lasting performance, it features built-in self-diagnostics for component / performance monitoring. A 208/240V electrical connection is required for operation.

Overall Dimensions:
Width: 26"
Depth: 25 4/5"
Height: 23"

Interior Dimensions:
Width: 15 1/2"
Depth: 14 7/10"
Height: 8"
Capacity: 1.05 cu. ft.

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Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning

  • NSF Listed

    NSF Listed

    This item meets the standards imposed by NSF International, which focuses on public safety, health, and the environment.

  • Made in America

    Made in America

    This item was made in the United States of America.

  • CE Listed

    CE Listed

    This item complies with the standards imposed by the Conformance European (CE), a division of the Intertek group.

  • UL Listed

    UL Listed

    This item has been tested and meets safety standards imposed by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

  • Stackable


    This item can safely be stacked with identical or indicated items to promote easy transportation and space-saving storage.

  • 6-30P


    This unit comes with a NEMA 6-30P plug.

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