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  • 4 venting channels to reduce the vacuum effect that occurs when lifting out trash liners
  • Rim and base handles ensure a secure grip and improve overall comfort and control
  • Bag cinches secure liners to allow for quick, knot-free bag changes
  • Made of high-quality, commercial-grade resin
  • Reinforced rim aids in maintaining the container's structural integrity
Quality Rating:
UPC Code: 086876164855

Providing an excellent, compact solution for waste management, this Rubbermaid Slim Jim 23 gallon black trash can is the perfect addition where space is at a premium.

Use this trash can in restaurants, schools, offices, and hotels to make clean up easy. Designed for small spaces and durability, this trash can is slender with reinforced rim aids and robust handle construction that resist damage while the container is being lifted or transported. This helpful design makes bag changes easier than ever!

  • Made in America

    Made in America

    This item was made in the United States of America.

  • Rubbermaid Hands-Free Product

    Rubbermaid Hands-Free Product

    This Rubbermaid product offers hands-free use, reducing the risk of cross-contamination and germ spreading.

Slender and Durable Design

With its slender design that ensures a superior fit in tight spaces, this Slim Jim container is sure to keep your facility clean and organized! Made of high-quality, commercial-grade resin, this trash can is designed to withstand heavy-duty use in any fast-paced environment.

Base Handles

The base handles on the bottom improve overall comfort and control while lifting and emptying full containers.

Bag Cinches

The incorporated bag cinches help secure liners around the rim of the container, allowing for quick, knot-free bag changes.

Venting Channels

Added air circulation makes removing liners up to 80% easier than traditional containers, helping to save valuable time, reduce excess labor, and minimize the risk of potential injuries. This convenient container features four venting channels that create ample airflow to reduce the vacuum effect that occurs when lifting out trash liners.

Rubbermaid Manufacturing Process

Check out the video for an in-depth overview of the manufacturing of Rubbermaid Commercial Products. Meet team members, see how Brute cans are built, tested, and distributed, and discover the motivation and mission behind RCP's innovative designs.

RCP, better known as Rubbermaid Commercial Products, has been designing and manufacturing the most effective and durable janitorial and sanitation products since 1968. From trash containers to a mop bucket that reduces splashing, durability and productivity have worked as key ingredients in the innovation behind the products designed. We're heading to Rubbermaid's headquarters in Huntersville North Carolina to meet the team behind the world's toughest cleaning products. "When I think about quality I think about it from our consumer's perspective, and when you just see the name Rubbermaid, what initially pops in their mind is the word durability." "We have a storied history of innovative product design. In 1974, our CP came up with the first resin mop bucket. At that time, the advantages of that over the traditional metal bucket were that it's a lot lighter, and it's a lot more maneuverable when you push it across the floor. So we put a lot of time up front in simulating how we're going to ensure the product quality before the design is even finished, so we do it in our computer-aided design simulation tools. We're also taking our product, go evaluate it in the test lab, make sure it meets all the standards, and then we get approval by quality to go into production." So what is it about this innovative designs that keeps RCP at the top of the industry? "We're always trying to find ways to test our extreme durability. So recently my team came up with this crazy idea to drop a 4000 pound car on top of a Brute container, just to see how indestructible it actually is. And of course there was some crushing, but no denting, and literally just popped it back into its original shape." Now that we've had a taste of the imagination behind these superhero products, it's time to see what they're made of. Welcome to Winchester Virginia, the original birthplace of Rubbermaid Commercial Products, home to RCP's manufacturing and distribution, along with several other locations spread all over the US, totaling a whopping 3.9 million square feet of manufacturing space. "So in this facility we've broken it down into several different product families. Two product families that I'm really excited about are the Brute and the WaveBrake. The Brute, we make several different sized containers; these are cans that you probably have at your house or your neighbor has at their house that they put their garbage in, so let's go have some fun and let's go take a look at the process in person. Right now we're going to meet Bill Cherrier. Bill is my engineering manager for this facility. He's going to take you through the rest of the process on how the Brute is manufactured here at the facility. Bill, she's all yours." "Alright, thank you very much. Welcome to the Brute cell. Let's go take a look at the injection process and see how the Brutes are made. So each year we go through about a 130 million pounds of resin. It's delivered here by rail car, pumped into outside silos, and a pumping system conveys it to the machines, like the ones behind me. So an injection machine has two halves: an injection half that has the screw and barrel; resin comes in in a pelletized form, it goes in, it gets pushed forward through the screw that's inside the barrel, it melts, and on this machine, there's a mold in the clamp half that has two halves. It fills that void between the two - that's the shape of a 44 gallon Brute - it cools, and when it's ready and solid, it opens up here; one comes out every 49 seconds or so." "For our 50th anniversary we actually held a contest to find the oldest Brute that's still out there in the field in use. Within two weeks we had hundreds of entries and we actually found the winner, and it was somebody that had had the Brute container that's still in use from 1968, so 49 years and still going strong." "It is amazing that we sell 2.8 million of these a year because they are virtually indestructible. They go through a variety of testing, taken to the extremes of environment. And we test it literally by freezing these things at -20 degrees Fahrenheit and dropping them from a height of 6 feet one hundred times. We also lift them 5000 times by the handles with a weight full of water, and we put weight inside of them and we drag them on a piece of sandpaper for 10 miles or so just to show that they don't wear out as you drag it to the end of your driveway each morning. So here we are at our distribution facility in Winchester and behind me you see bustling activity, shipping millions of dollars of products each day to customers around the world. You name it, you can find our products in airports, hotels, and your kitchen as well." "I was in a hotel recently, and saw a 95 pound housekeeper, and she had a Rubbermaid Commercial Products hospitality cart, and it really hit me that what we're doing can make a difference. On a daily basis she's pushing over 350 pounds of supplies, 7-8 hours a day, and I think about the improvements that we've made to that cart, you know, even in the last two years, and to us, if we've done that right, we've done our job." "We really want to make the users of our products lives easier and safer, from mop buckets that you'll see in a school cafeteria to cleaning carts that you'll see in a hotel, to Brute trash cans that you'll see on a construction site, and so when we build products, and we innovate, and we think about those products and how they're going to be used, we design that into our products." "We're also very proud of the fact that we're making so much of this product here in the United States which provides to the local economy and also to the economy throughout the United States." Looking to keep your commercial space clean with a variety of innovative, durable products? Head over to rubbermaidcommercial.com.

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Overall Dimensions:
  • Width: 22 Inches
  • Depth: 11 Inches
  • Height: 30 Inches
  • Capacity: 23 Gallons

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Overall User Rating: Rubbermaid FG354060BLA 92 Qt. / 23 Gallon Slim Jim Black Rectangular Trash Can

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Customer Reviews

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We just love these slim jim trash cans. These fit nicely in tight areas such as kitchens or restrooms. A variety of different lids is also available.

from Phil's place on

Every bar and restaurant needs some Slim Jim trash cans. Period. Nothing works better for the small spaces behind the bar or in the kitchen and Rubbermaid is the best in class!

from Playmakers Pizza and Sports Grill on

These are slender trash cans that can fit in tight spaces, which comes in handy when you are limited on space. We have three stored in various places around the kitchen.

from Revival Eastside Eatery on

We use these slim jim garbage cans exclusively at our establishment. Everyday we fill them to the brim and drag them to the dumpster. They are sturdier than the Sun garbage cans- if you drag those bins the plastic wears down and there ends up being a hole at the bottom. It's not as big of a problem with these bins.


We use these slim jims all over our restaurant. They are easy to clean and the fit into tight spaces. We love them and will buy more!


This garbage can is great because it fits into small spaces. It is lightweight so it isn't a problem moving the can to empty it even though it doesn't have wheels.

from Dixal Hospitality on

Rubbermaid makes the best quality trash cans that a restaurant can use. These are extremely heavy duty that will resist breaks and leaks from happening. Easy-to-hold handles makes them super easy to handle. Great product.

from Barnaby's of Aston on

This trash can has worked great for us and has made clean up easier by not being a massive trash can in the way. Clean looking too.


By far my favorite trashcan to use in the restaurant at 23 sides gallon is great and with that slim wall hugger design is fantastic for the small restaurant the handles on the side of really strong and durable I love this trashcan

from Place to be Bistro on

Love the original Slim Jim Wall Hugger trash cans. The Rubbermaid brand costs a bit more but is worth it in this case. It takes a beating.

from Barbecue Blast Inc. on

I absolutely love the Rubbermaid SlimJim trash cans I was so excited when the Webster aunt had for sale they fit in places where most trash cans one but they're just this big it fits perfectly under a normal size stainless steel table

from N/A on

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