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  • Perfect for sanitizing food contact surfaces
  • Prevents contamination of raw foods
  • Helps prevent the spread of infectious diseases
  • Use in 3 compartment sinks and spray bottles
  • Effective on hard, non-porous surfaces
  • Kills HIV-1 and E. Coli
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These Edwards-Councilor S150E48 Steramine sani-tabs are perfect for sanitizing food contact surfaces.

Prevent cross contamination to keep your food safe and your food establishment in business with these sani-tabs. They can be used in either a soaking method for dishes, glasses, utensils, and other small items, or in spray applications for sanitizing large surfaces like countertops, sinks, processing equipment, refrigerators, and other non-porous surfaces that frequently come in contact with food.

Powerful Formula

When used as directed these tablets are highly effective at preventing the transmission of infectious diseases like HIV-1 (AIDS virus), E. Coli, and Staph, while remaining gentle on your employees' hands and safe for use on food contact surfaces.

For Soaking

Wash articles with a good detergent in first sink compartment. Rinse with clean water in second sink compartment. In third sink compartment use 1 tablet per 1 gallon of warm water. Allow several minutes for tablets to dissolve. Immerse articles for at least one minute or for contact time specified by governing sanitary code. Allow articles to air dry on a rack or drainboard.

For Spray Application

Wash and rinse all articles and surfaces thoroughly. Apply the solution (1 tab per 1 gallon) using a hand trigger sprayer or wipe it on. Allow surface to remain wet for at least one minute followed by adequate draining and air-drying.

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What is the correct temperature for sanitizing?
The FDA specifies that sanitizer solution temperature must be at least 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The maximum safe temperature for prolonged bare hand contact is 120 degrees Fahrenheit. If protective gloves are used, the maximum safe temperature is 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

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4 out of 4 found this review helpful

We added these to our dishroom to make it easy for the dishwashers to accurately have enough sanitizer in sink without the sometimes disptrepant readings you will get with liquid dispensors. 8 tablets to 3/4 a sink and we are good. Make sure you get proper test strips to measure it- GET THE QUAT STRIPS.

Greg B. from Big Family Pizza, Inc on 08/13/2020
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

Not only is this product significantly cheaper than the distributor I was using previously; but the packaging is much safer and durable. With a crew full of teenagers I need to make sure the products I use can take some hits.

Courtney S. from Gracie's on 05/28/2018
1 out of 1 found this review helpful

Tablets are way easy to use- no measuring needed just drop them into the sink and good to go. Have had good results using these in our 3 compartment sink - they get the job done.

Emily R. from Naughty Boy's Rolled Ice Cream on 09/28/2017

A must for our restaurant!

Tecas T. from Tecas Tex Mex And Steak on 10/18/2022

The product really works. I appreciate it it works really well with my food truck business cleaning out my commercial equipment it does the job. It is highly recommended.

Ekarach S. on 07/14/2022

These Steramine Sanitizer Tablets are part of our everyday bar setup. They help our bartenders keep all our glassware clean and ready for the night ahead.

Mary M. from Inga's Alpine Tavern on 06/24/2022

Works as intended. Bottles are an appropriate size to keep conveniently at hand near the sinks. Great price compared to buying chemical from my local vendors.

Amanda W. from The Colonial Hotel on 06/06/2022

Good option to disinfect any surfaces especially the tables at my restaurant. It doesn’t have any smell so it’s good for the customers. Good price

Catalina L. on 06/04/2022

These sanitizer tablets are perfect for our bar. They make measuring out the correct amount of chemicals a breeze. The bottles are small enough to sit near the sink, without taking up valuable space.

Jason S. on 05/18/2022

These sanitary tablets have been great for us. We use them at all our locations. They dissolve well and work just as effectively. The blue color is nice too.

Eric I. from Orion Coffee And Tea Limited on 02/25/2022

Great product. It disinfect properly and it doesn't damage the tables. It does not smell so is a big advantage for us as a restaurant.

Vedugal L. on 02/07/2022

this is one of my favorites sanitizers to use for my business, I've always pass my inspection when the health inspector visits my healthy cafe

Fefe J. from West Park Nutrition on 02/04/2022

we need it , we buy it . it works. the measurement correct , the price is right .. the inspector happy and we are also happy

Alfitri H. from Djakarta Cafe on 09/23/2021

These are one of the best investments I've made! No more worrying about waste and ruined clothing! We are now strictly a Sanitizing Tablet operation! Really cost effective too!

Marie V. on 09/07/2021

I use these in a bakery and These are my all time favorite tablets to use for sanitation purposes. I 100% recommend them. It has simple instructions to follow.

Alexis S. on 05/12/2021

We love these sanitizer tabs! They dissolve quickly and evenly and allow our dishes to be properly sanitized. We also love them for making sanitizer spray.

Emily H. from Miss Lucille's Marketplace on 04/12/2021

These Edwards-Councilor sanitizer tablets have been a real help during the Covid pandemic. So easy to store and don't take up space as the pre-mixed gallon sanitizers. The pills dissolve easily and thoroughly. Best buy ever.

Denise P. from Venetian River Club on 01/20/2021

We've been buying these other places and they're so expensive. These are the best price that I've found on them! We use a ton of them a day too!

Shawna C. from Toppings LLC on 01/19/2021

This is a great product ! Multiple use ! We use for the triple sink but also for spray bottle - I read where it kills the corona virus I wish this was confirmed but awesome product otherwise

Ryan P. on 01/12/2021

Our go-to sanitizer tablets. Definitely price friendly. Dishes and supplies always came out in good condition after each use. Never had any problems with these tablets.

Daniel D. from Quickly By UCF on 12/27/2020

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