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How to Clean Beer Glasses

Most beers should produce a 1/2" to 1" tall head in a properly cleaned glass, depending on the style and size of glassware. A properly cleaned beer glass means you might only have to fill up a 16 oz. glass with 14 oz. beer - more glasses per barrel and more profit for you! And to make sure you get the best presentation, make sure to check out our beer glass guide.

Bar Glass Cleaner Key Benefits

Pint Glasses

A standard half barrel keg containing 15.5 gallons of beer will yield approximately:

  • 124 16 oz. glasses
  • 142 14 oz. glasses
  • If you use a bar glass cleaner and only have to pour 14 oz. of beer into your 16 oz. glasses (the rest will be the head), you’ll be getting up to 18 more glasses per keg!

    Improve Your Image

    Your beer will look and taste better when you’re serving it with a healthy head. Plus, since bar glass detergents are specially formulated to remove lipstick, grease, and protein matter to leave a spot-free sparkling glass every time, you’ll increase customer satisfaction.

    Although both bar glass detergents and sanitizers come in jars or convenient portion packs, we recommend the portion packs for three reasons:

    Noble Chemical 0.5 oz. Last Call Low Suds Powdered Bar Glass Cleaner Packet   - 100/Case
      • No need to measure behind the bar on a busy night
      • Less waste due to over-mixing - most people over-measure when diluting cleaning chemicals
      • Less chance of under-mixing - this is especially important when it comes to the sanitizer
Expert Tip: If your business uses hard water during the cleaning process, add Last Call mineral solvent to soften the water before adding the detergent for the best results.

System Components

Low-Suds Detergents Sanitizers
Noble Chemical 0.5 oz. Last Call Manual Powdered Beer Glass Cleaner Packet   - 100/Case
Noble Chemical 0.5 oz. Last Call Low Suds Powdered Bar Glass Cleaner Packet   - 100/Case
Noble Chemical 0.75 oz. Last Call Last Rinse Liquid Sanitizer Packet   - 100/Case
Bar glass detergents are specifically formulated for quick and easy cleaning of all glassware thanks to their concentrated formulations. They are designed to removed stains such as lipstick with ease.

Glass cleaners comes in convenient 0.5 oz. pre-measured packets, or in a 4 lb. bulk container.

These regular regular glass cleaners should be used with manual glass washing brushes.
Low-suds bar glass detergents are specifically formulated for quick and easy cleaning of all glassware thanks to their concentrated formulations.

Glass cleaners comes in convenient 0.5 oz. pre-measured packets, or in a 4 lb. bulk container.

Choose the low suds version for electric glass washing brushes.
Use sanitizer to effectively sanitize all bar glassware. These sanitizers defend against against bacteria that cause infections, and they meet all federal sanitation guidelines when used properly.

Use water heated to at least 75 degrees Fahrenheit for proper sanitizing.

Instructions for Using Glass Cleaners

Bar glass cleaners are easy to use at your bar. Follow these simple steps for sparkling glassware!

  1. Start with a clean stainless steel sink. Use a little bit of bar glass cleaner and a clean brush.
  2. Set up Your Sink:
    • Fill the bowl with hot or cold water almost to the top of the brushes. Add mineral solvents if you have hard water, if desired. Last Call detergent is designed to work well with all water hardnesses.
    • Add the glass cleaner to the first sink and measure the correct amount or sprinkle a pre-measured packet over the brushes.
    • Fill the second bowl with clean hot or cold running water. This tank is for rinsing the detergent off of the glassware that came out of the first bowl.
    • Fill the third bowl with approximately 3 gallons of hot or cold water. Add the recommended amount of sanitizer and test for the proper concentration with test strips.
  3. Wash the glass in the first sink, making sure that all parts of the glass come in contact with the brushes. If you’re using a 3-brush manual system, it’s best to clean the glass on the center brush.
  4. Rinse the glass in the second bowl, by placing the bottom of the glass in water first at an angle. Withdraw the glass at an angle too, bottom first. This is called the "heel in, heel out" technique, and ensures complete rinsing by preventing an air pocket from forming.
  5. Repeat this process in the sanitizing solution (third bowl). Make sure you follow all local and/or national sanitation guidelines for proper sanitizing.
  6. Air dry the sanitized glass upside down, on a corrugated drain board to allow for maximum airflow around the glass. Do not dry glasses with a towel since that can transfer lint, odors, and germs to the glass.

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